Thursday, 29 March 2012

Book Review : Starter for ten.

It's been an awful long time since I have posted a book review and I apologize for that! My reasoning is a mix of three things ;
1. I have been inspired in writing my book ; not reading
3. I haven't seen any books I want to read.

Anyway I'm back now with a book review on Starter for then. A book by David Nicolas that has been made into a film ; a film that I haven't seen and don't plan to in the foreseeable future.
Here's the cover:

The book is about a boy called Brain Jackson , he starts university even though not many thought he could do it. His dad died when he was little and his mum is a bit of an alcoholic. When his father was alive they used to watch university challenge together which meant after his death , he wanted nothing more than to get onto the show himself. The first night at university Brain finds himself at a party - drunk - where he meets the most beautiful girl he's ever met - Alice - He falls for her almost instantly. He meets her again at the university challenge auditions when she gets on the team and he becomes the substitute. After one of the team members gets a disease he gets onto the team and becomes the team's 'Superstar' but will he impress the stunning Alice into dating him

This book was an hilarious perception of the university experience , Brain as a character is hilarious and abit pretentious which makes it amusing when he says stupid things or bad things happen to him. This book isn't the type of thing i reguallary read. but my boyfriend bought me it for my birthday , and he knows me so well because i love it! - Thank you baby , I love you!!