Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nanowrimo 2012:

So Nanowrimo is upon us and for the first time I'm doing the november version, I'm so excited I just hope school doesn't get in the way too much. I'm starting a new WIP again because I doubt I will be able to get another 50,000 words out of Annie and Carter! So here's a blurby thing i came up with for my Nanowrimo WIP!:

Jacob had always been an outsider, he wasn't the biggest nerd in the college, but he was certainly in the top ten.  In the summer of 2012 with England buzzing all over about the Olympics, Jacob was oblivious to what was going to hit him on his last summer before university. When he saw the flame for the first time, it was like all his troubles were forgotten, like the whole world would listen to him if he just had the courage to speak. That’s when he met Lila, the girl who would change his life in the best possible way.

I wish everyone else who is participating a good luck! What are you guys doing for Nano?
Oh and Happy Halloween!


Saturday, 27 October 2012

My first published article!

As i said, i have a surprise for you guys today, I got an article published in my local newspaper and have had permission to post it here to. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment here or on the newspaper's website here!

What do people feel just before they skydive? Well I’ve never had the experience but I’m guessing that it’s mostly fear, the jump just seems so high and they’re not sure if they can do it at all. That’s what it feels like to follow your dreams, everything’s waiting for you down below but when you look there, it seems way too far away. Whatever someone’s dream is, it must be something important to them so important that it seems impossible that they’d not follow it. Whether it’s acting, writing, or being a plumber there’s something out there that is your dream life. But do most people follow theirs, or do they let it fester in their mind as something that will never become their reality? Are you like the person on a plane ready to dive, but the jump’s too daunting and fear overwhelms every part of you?  There are two things you can do in that case; you can let the fear become a big red stop sign stopping you from achieving your own dream. Or arguably the most favourable option is to jump. Just take the plunge.
In our generation there seems to be a lot stopping us from doing just that, fear isn’t our only stop sign on the journey to our dreams. But we do have a lot more opportunities for personal growth than other generations before us, but are they harder to come by? Is getting into that plane in the first place really the hardest part? – Not the jump. Exam boards seem determined to make sure that our careers are stopped before they even start and the competition for courses and jobs just makes it worse, safe , secure jobs may seem more appealing to the everyday person even if they aren’t really what you want to do. You could be really passionate about being an artist for example, but it’s just not plausible to earn enough to live on an artist’s salary, so you may turn to teaching or being an engineer and forget about your dream in order to live a perfectly normal maybe sometimes dull life. But is it better to be miserable, doing something you don’t really want to be doing than to be living on a waitress’s pay check while desperately trying to make it?
Aren’t the risks what make life worth living? – If you always lived on what was certain, you’d probably do nothing at all. Everything in life involves some kind of risk, even if you think you’ve taken the safe option, there’s always a chance that it may not work out. You may get to be a qualified teacher (Just because it was secure) only to find out that there aren’t any teaching jobs out there, and that maybe your dream really was the safer option. You just forgot your own voice, and let everyone else’s down yours out.
One thing that I think stops people from following their dreams sometimes is lack of trying, you can this great possible life in your head but you just don’t know how to make it all happen. Some people think that if it’s supposed to happen then it will happen no matter how little work you put into it, but most of us can’t afford to think that way. We have to go out and search for these opportunities ourselves, trust me they’re out there but they won’t all just pop up on your computer screen, you have to look yourself. Maybe it just takes a little bit of a search on your favourite search engine, and hey presto! That could be the start of achieving your own dream if you try hard enough in it. I’m not saying that if you just search for opportunities, they’ll automatically happen for you, but isn’t it more likely that you’ll get them if you do search and not just sit at home waiting for things to come straight to you.  
So I guess what I’m wondering is; Even though bumps and bruises or maybe a broken limp or two are almost mandatory, Should you jump or not?


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What if?

I've been wondering lately about what ifs and the future, don't worry this post is writing related. Some people ask me what if my writing never makes it, and never means anything to anyone... normally i don't like to think so pessimistically but it just came to me what if it doesn't, will all the work i put into my writing just one day be worthless junk that's stored on an old computer hard drive that no one will think is important enough to check and read. I've only ever thought about the happy perfect life as an author, the one I dream of. The one where a small town girl from England can jet off to New york in search of a publisher and a new life, but still keeping her old one stable enough that it fits into New York time. The one where eventually she finds an agent or publisher that can make it all happen for her after living in a small studio flat and sending out her manuscript to anyone who will take it. It may not sound like much, but that's my dream, I want to struggle as much as humanly possible, so that when it does happen. I will feel like I earned it, like i really deserve it.
but what if that's just a pipe dream, what if i'm stuck here forever? what if my writing only ever gets read by me and my boyfriend? What if no one likes it at all? Should that thought make me stop forever the fear that I can't ever achieve my dream, that it's an impossibility for me, or should that be my drive, because thing that don't hurt, are never worth the drive...
It's just a crazy insecure thought process but i think it's worthwhile to think about what your life will be like if it doesn't pan out like you want it to. Maybe i'm too optamistic and need to be pushed down a peg or two into reality. Instead of living in my dream bubble where getting to be a published author isn't hard.
Sorry if i've droaned on, just ignore me if i have.
Anyway, see you soon. I have a surprise coming up for you on saturday but for now, here's a picture i found that suits Annie perfectly:


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Character Interview: Annabelle Darling

So today I'm going to do a character interview with my FMC in my current WIP, she's really sweet so I hope you guys like her as much as I do.

Me: Hello Annabelle It's nice to see you :)
Annabelle: It's Annie... please.
Me : Okay Annie, Nice to see you.
Annie: You too.
Me: Okay now down to the interview.. what's your biggest fear?
Annie: At the moment, that Lorelei ( my daughter) will grow up with her father in prison.
Me: Why's that?
Annie: You know why, you've put Carter in an impossible situation, he didn't do it.. he didn't and now he has a daughter that he's only known about for an hour and he's facing imprisonment... and I'm engaged.
Me: How do you think Carter felt when you told him about your engagement?
Annie: I think he was hurt and I don't blame him, i'm a horrible person but I love Carter... with everything I have.
Me: Why are you engaged to Sam then?
Annie: I think you call it... an engagement of convience but that's not what i wanted... i just needed comforting after Carter left and... Sam was there and he loves me.
Me: But you don't love him.
Annie: I know that... but i guess i could have learnt to, if Carter didn't come back.
Me: Do you think Carter will be a good father?
Annie: Yes, he will Lorelei already loves him so much, it's like she was waiting for her Daddy, and now she's all laughs and smiles when he's there...
Me: Do you like having him back?
Annie: Yes, I love him... and Lorelei needs her father as well as her mother.
Me: Alright that's all i can think of so anything you want to add!

Annie: YES!! Carter John Harper is innocent until proven guilty!!!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How I get ideas.

This post is way overdue and I apologize for being so distant with blogging but I've had alot going on so.. sorry.
One of the many questions that i get asked when people find out that I write and want to be an Author is how I come up with ideas and sometimes I don't really know myself, my first book was based on someone whose very dear to me (Although it didn't turn out to well.) my second came as a midnight ploy to revise in a way that would interest me, and the one I'm writing now came as a random generater on the internet that gave me a scenario for a first scene ( one i didn't end up using). But some of my short stories have come from little snippets that I've read in articals somewhere or on post secret which is amazing for it because even though some of the secrets are quite scary or strange some are really thought provoking and make you think about the person who wrote it and the thing that they're hiding, i'm going to do an example:


When i read this I picture a character who thought she had everything and that life was always good, she may have looked at the significant adults in her life when she was small ( Parents, family etc.) and thought that they had it all figured out and based her perception of adult life on that, but when she grew up she had to face hardships and people who weren't always honest, maybe somebody used her or conned her out of everything she had, or maybe they just stopped loving her, so she lost her faith in life and love and realised that maybe adult life isn't great and that a child's life is greater.

Have any of you got any ideas?