Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo:

Hey , 
I am just informing you that I am going be participating in Camp Nanowrimo for the first time ever, i'm really excited so i am going to post about my experiences and how i'm doing word count wise on my new Camp NaNoWriMo WIP here's the blurby thing that i wrote for it ( It's a bit rubbish but ah well) :

Harvey Hertz was a regular Aryan Nazi before his boss signed him up to be a spy for the Gestapo and he started to see some of the things that they did to minorities. He started to question all the loyalty he had for the Nazis. His loyalty is truly tested when he gets sent to spy on Elsie Dubin’s family. He used to think that Jew’s were heartless but after meeting Elsie all his views were changed, She was intellectual , caring , and everything he’d ever wanted, but there was one problem – he was sent to turn her and her family into the gestapo. 

It's my first time doing a historical so I'm super excited:D Wish me luck:)


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Book Review: The wedding.

I keep forgetting to post this review because I finished the book ages ago and forgot all about it - Mostly because i was swept away by the pure romance of this book ( is it obvious that i love romance books yet?) - Again it's another book by Nicholas sparks who is in my opinion the king of romance ( Or 'love stories' as he says they are) It's called the wedding and it's the sequel to the notebook so if you haven't read that there may be some spoilers sorry! Here's the cover:

This book is about Noah and Allie's daughter - Jane - and her husband - Wilson - it is set a few years after Allie has died. Wilson realises that Jane has fallen out of love with him and that he hasn't been a brilliant husband to her and sets about getting her to fall for him again. he decides that he will make an extra big effort for their anniversary but Jane is preoccupied when their own daughter announces that she's getting married on their anniversary. Will wilson's plan be stamped out by the wedding or will he succeed and Jane will fall for him once again.There is also a little subplot that Noah thinks Allie has made her way back to him and her soul is in a swan that lives at the retirement home that plays a bigger part in the book than it would seem.
As usual with Nicholas Sparks there is a surprise plot twist that you don't see coming even a little bit. It's so amazing how intense Wilson's love is for his wife and Like all these book, it leaves you wishing that you could live such a romantic life. I love this book again , as i could never ever hate Nicholas Spark's books , he has yet to write one that i don't love


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Character Interview: Derek Reid.

Hello, this is my first Character Interview and i'm going to do it with Derek, not because he's a MC but because i think he has alot going on for a secondary Character and i don't really understand him sometimes.

Interview with Derek Reid
Me: Hey Derek, Thanks for being here today, I originally wanted Luke to interview first but he’s too busy with other stuff
Derek: Charming, why would anyone want him more than me? I’m so much more handsome.
Me: Well Summer wanted him and not you didn’t she?
Derek : ( Giving me evils)  Don’t talk about Summer, anyway I’m over her now.
Me: Is that just because she’s dead or because She was married to your brother.
Derek: Both, and I’ve been with women who were much hotter than her.
Me: Okay let’s change the subject now Derek. How’s Luke dealing with Summer’s death in your opinon?
Derek : Well he wasn’t dealing with it well, I mean he disowned me his own brother, but now he seems to be doing better , but he won’t move on it’s infuriating me.
Me: Well he did disown you because you told him you loved his wife like an hour after she died but you know all that so let’s skip that part. Why do you want him to move on?
Derek:  because it’s been four years , and I love little Bella, and I can see she needs a mother, and Lu can’t give her that… unless he tries to find her a step mum.
Me: Aww , I love it when your sensitive side starts to come out Derek.
Derek: I don’t have a sensitive side what are you talking about? I want him to move on mostly because I want a wing man to go to bars with!
Me: You think he’s going to go to bars with you? What’s he going to do take his four year old to pick up women?
Derek: No Abby will look after Bella.
Me: That’s a good idea, leave your ex with your brother’s daughter so you can go pick up women. Anyway, How are you and Abby , having any luck?
Derek: No, I’ve tried a lot believe me, but she’s still vundrenble, I think she still misses Summer, but it kinda seems like everyone’s lives got worse when Summer died.
Me: Did yours?
Derek: Well… not directly because of Summer, because I lost my brother, but it got a little better because I gained my great little Niece
Me: Aww you’re admiration for Bella is lovely , you’re the best uncle ever ( When you want to be)
Derek: What was the last comment about?
Me: Nothing , anyway I can’t think of anymore questions for you so that’s over now, Bye Derek.