Monday, 19 November 2012

How do you beat out your writers block?

This is a question that is on my mind today, as I am suffering from serious writer's block. Nanowrimo is still in progress and not going well today; Today i feel like jumping down the rabbit hole into wonderland and never coming back up to the real world.
Today is one of those days when real life gets in the way of your story world, right now it is nearing 9 o'clock at night and with zero words typed up I am avoiding writing by writing this instead. But to the question at hand. Normally I get my characters to yell at me or tell their deepest feelings about their story until I have enough inspiration to write. But not today; Today Jacob is giving me the silent treatment... and I have no idea why, but let's stop talking about character's and their strange ways.
I've tried doing writing prompts, doesn't work for me... I've tried random questioning myself for ideas, i've probally tried every possible thing to get rid of the stupid toil that is writer's block but somehow the devil will always find it's victims. The only thing that seems to help me, is to just write through it. No matter how rubbish your current ideas are, they're better than getting nothing down at all. Think about, you can edit a bad piece of writing, but if you don't try you can't change a blank page into the greatest story ever told.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nanowrimo 2012:

So Nanowrimo is upon us and for the first time I'm doing the november version, I'm so excited I just hope school doesn't get in the way too much. I'm starting a new WIP again because I doubt I will be able to get another 50,000 words out of Annie and Carter! So here's a blurby thing i came up with for my Nanowrimo WIP!:

Jacob had always been an outsider, he wasn't the biggest nerd in the college, but he was certainly in the top ten.  In the summer of 2012 with England buzzing all over about the Olympics, Jacob was oblivious to what was going to hit him on his last summer before university. When he saw the flame for the first time, it was like all his troubles were forgotten, like the whole world would listen to him if he just had the courage to speak. That’s when he met Lila, the girl who would change his life in the best possible way.

I wish everyone else who is participating a good luck! What are you guys doing for Nano?
Oh and Happy Halloween!


Saturday, 27 October 2012

My first published article!

As i said, i have a surprise for you guys today, I got an article published in my local newspaper and have had permission to post it here to. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment here or on the newspaper's website here!

What do people feel just before they skydive? Well I’ve never had the experience but I’m guessing that it’s mostly fear, the jump just seems so high and they’re not sure if they can do it at all. That’s what it feels like to follow your dreams, everything’s waiting for you down below but when you look there, it seems way too far away. Whatever someone’s dream is, it must be something important to them so important that it seems impossible that they’d not follow it. Whether it’s acting, writing, or being a plumber there’s something out there that is your dream life. But do most people follow theirs, or do they let it fester in their mind as something that will never become their reality? Are you like the person on a plane ready to dive, but the jump’s too daunting and fear overwhelms every part of you?  There are two things you can do in that case; you can let the fear become a big red stop sign stopping you from achieving your own dream. Or arguably the most favourable option is to jump. Just take the plunge.
In our generation there seems to be a lot stopping us from doing just that, fear isn’t our only stop sign on the journey to our dreams. But we do have a lot more opportunities for personal growth than other generations before us, but are they harder to come by? Is getting into that plane in the first place really the hardest part? – Not the jump. Exam boards seem determined to make sure that our careers are stopped before they even start and the competition for courses and jobs just makes it worse, safe , secure jobs may seem more appealing to the everyday person even if they aren’t really what you want to do. You could be really passionate about being an artist for example, but it’s just not plausible to earn enough to live on an artist’s salary, so you may turn to teaching or being an engineer and forget about your dream in order to live a perfectly normal maybe sometimes dull life. But is it better to be miserable, doing something you don’t really want to be doing than to be living on a waitress’s pay check while desperately trying to make it?
Aren’t the risks what make life worth living? – If you always lived on what was certain, you’d probably do nothing at all. Everything in life involves some kind of risk, even if you think you’ve taken the safe option, there’s always a chance that it may not work out. You may get to be a qualified teacher (Just because it was secure) only to find out that there aren’t any teaching jobs out there, and that maybe your dream really was the safer option. You just forgot your own voice, and let everyone else’s down yours out.
One thing that I think stops people from following their dreams sometimes is lack of trying, you can this great possible life in your head but you just don’t know how to make it all happen. Some people think that if it’s supposed to happen then it will happen no matter how little work you put into it, but most of us can’t afford to think that way. We have to go out and search for these opportunities ourselves, trust me they’re out there but they won’t all just pop up on your computer screen, you have to look yourself. Maybe it just takes a little bit of a search on your favourite search engine, and hey presto! That could be the start of achieving your own dream if you try hard enough in it. I’m not saying that if you just search for opportunities, they’ll automatically happen for you, but isn’t it more likely that you’ll get them if you do search and not just sit at home waiting for things to come straight to you.  
So I guess what I’m wondering is; Even though bumps and bruises or maybe a broken limp or two are almost mandatory, Should you jump or not?


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What if?

I've been wondering lately about what ifs and the future, don't worry this post is writing related. Some people ask me what if my writing never makes it, and never means anything to anyone... normally i don't like to think so pessimistically but it just came to me what if it doesn't, will all the work i put into my writing just one day be worthless junk that's stored on an old computer hard drive that no one will think is important enough to check and read. I've only ever thought about the happy perfect life as an author, the one I dream of. The one where a small town girl from England can jet off to New york in search of a publisher and a new life, but still keeping her old one stable enough that it fits into New York time. The one where eventually she finds an agent or publisher that can make it all happen for her after living in a small studio flat and sending out her manuscript to anyone who will take it. It may not sound like much, but that's my dream, I want to struggle as much as humanly possible, so that when it does happen. I will feel like I earned it, like i really deserve it.
but what if that's just a pipe dream, what if i'm stuck here forever? what if my writing only ever gets read by me and my boyfriend? What if no one likes it at all? Should that thought make me stop forever the fear that I can't ever achieve my dream, that it's an impossibility for me, or should that be my drive, because thing that don't hurt, are never worth the drive...
It's just a crazy insecure thought process but i think it's worthwhile to think about what your life will be like if it doesn't pan out like you want it to. Maybe i'm too optamistic and need to be pushed down a peg or two into reality. Instead of living in my dream bubble where getting to be a published author isn't hard.
Sorry if i've droaned on, just ignore me if i have.
Anyway, see you soon. I have a surprise coming up for you on saturday but for now, here's a picture i found that suits Annie perfectly:


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Character Interview: Annabelle Darling

So today I'm going to do a character interview with my FMC in my current WIP, she's really sweet so I hope you guys like her as much as I do.

Me: Hello Annabelle It's nice to see you :)
Annabelle: It's Annie... please.
Me : Okay Annie, Nice to see you.
Annie: You too.
Me: Okay now down to the interview.. what's your biggest fear?
Annie: At the moment, that Lorelei ( my daughter) will grow up with her father in prison.
Me: Why's that?
Annie: You know why, you've put Carter in an impossible situation, he didn't do it.. he didn't and now he has a daughter that he's only known about for an hour and he's facing imprisonment... and I'm engaged.
Me: How do you think Carter felt when you told him about your engagement?
Annie: I think he was hurt and I don't blame him, i'm a horrible person but I love Carter... with everything I have.
Me: Why are you engaged to Sam then?
Annie: I think you call it... an engagement of convience but that's not what i wanted... i just needed comforting after Carter left and... Sam was there and he loves me.
Me: But you don't love him.
Annie: I know that... but i guess i could have learnt to, if Carter didn't come back.
Me: Do you think Carter will be a good father?
Annie: Yes, he will Lorelei already loves him so much, it's like she was waiting for her Daddy, and now she's all laughs and smiles when he's there...
Me: Do you like having him back?
Annie: Yes, I love him... and Lorelei needs her father as well as her mother.
Me: Alright that's all i can think of so anything you want to add!

Annie: YES!! Carter John Harper is innocent until proven guilty!!!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How I get ideas.

This post is way overdue and I apologize for being so distant with blogging but I've had alot going on so.. sorry.
One of the many questions that i get asked when people find out that I write and want to be an Author is how I come up with ideas and sometimes I don't really know myself, my first book was based on someone whose very dear to me (Although it didn't turn out to well.) my second came as a midnight ploy to revise in a way that would interest me, and the one I'm writing now came as a random generater on the internet that gave me a scenario for a first scene ( one i didn't end up using). But some of my short stories have come from little snippets that I've read in articals somewhere or on post secret which is amazing for it because even though some of the secrets are quite scary or strange some are really thought provoking and make you think about the person who wrote it and the thing that they're hiding, i'm going to do an example:


When i read this I picture a character who thought she had everything and that life was always good, she may have looked at the significant adults in her life when she was small ( Parents, family etc.) and thought that they had it all figured out and based her perception of adult life on that, but when she grew up she had to face hardships and people who weren't always honest, maybe somebody used her or conned her out of everything she had, or maybe they just stopped loving her, so she lost her faith in life and love and realised that maybe adult life isn't great and that a child's life is greater.

Have any of you got any ideas?


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Book Review : The New recruit

So I just finished reading Jill Williamson's new book - The New Recruit so as usual here's the review!
The cover:

Spencer is an average teenager who likes to play basketball and lives with him grandma, he is forced to choose between military school or a Christian spy organisation that he has never heard of, to him there is no choice, he chooses the Christians but he isn't very happy about it and when a girl in the organisation thinks that it is her place to teach him about god it makes it all worse. When they take a summer trip to Moscow to help some homeless people he realizes that there is more to the mission league than he originally thought. After he gets into a bad situation with a gang of homeless boys Spencer trys to find the faith that he needs to help the mission league.
I seriously loved this book, it's not my usual type of book as i'm sure you've all realized before that I am a romance book kind of girl but I really got into this book, She describes everything really amazingly and I could really picture everything ( Plus there are these really cool character sketches which are here) Every chapter had something new that shocked me and I will defiantly be reading the other 3 books in the series when they are released! I especially loved the ending chapters but i won't talk about them as I don't want to give anything away for anyone who wants to read it!
Overall I loved this book and would recomend it to anyone, even people who don't usually read Christian fiction like me:)


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tools that i think every writer needs

There are two tools that I would deem the most important things that every writer needs, people may disagree with me but these are the things that have got me through this far, and have made me sure that  i will not give up on my dream.
The first one is a little obvious, Inspiration and determination to write. It's self-explanatory really, if you don't want to write you're probably not going to write anything of any value, because you couldn't care less whether it is good, also as an addition to this point, you need to find it fun, you're not going to jam out a 60,000 word book if you don't find it remotely fun, while most people enjoy actually going out and taking risks to have fun. There are nerds like me who get a rush out of writing about someone else taking the risk - All the rush with no real risk apart from maybe a paper cut:) - but if you're not like that then writing probably isn't going to be your strong suit, at least not writing books anyway, unless you have determination to get your message and story out to the world:).

The second one has been the most important thing for me, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. An amazing support group:) For first I have my amazing boyfriend, who reads everything I write no matter how terrible my unedited writing is, and always encourages me, I am thankful for him, and even though he doesn't understand why I love writing so much, he tries to help the best he can even though I know it bores him to tears when I talk about what's going on in my book, and probally when he reads them too. Here's a nice picture of the two of us, it was taken nearly two years ago but the sentiment is still there.

My second support group is the inspirational Go teen Writers group, I would have given up a long time ago if I hadn't found this blog and Facebook group, everyone there is so helpful and the posts on the blog are really great and have taught me alot that I didn't know about writing ( and are the main reason why my second book doesn't suck as much as my first.) I don't have a lot of writer friends so it's nice to know that I can go on the group and almost everyone understands when you've got writers block or you're struggling with something, and none of them judge for silly questions.
I hope this blog post wasn't too pointless, but a friend asked me how I can write so many words without dying of boredom and I was inspired.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Guest post from Harvey Hertz!

Hello Blogger people, not that I really know what a blogger is but that's what Summer said it's called so I'll just trust her. Summer asked me to do a guest post but I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be talking about and she doesn't know any Interview questions for me so I guess I'll just talk about my life at the moment.
I live in 1944, I used to be a Nazi spy until... Well until a couple of months ago when I discovered the error of their ways, some people may think it's a little fickle that as soon as I met Elsie I gave up all my loyalty to the Nazis but that's not all that happened, Elsie was just the catalyst for something that had been brewing for a while, but if I'm honest I haven't exactly been a great person since I met Elsie anyway, I've probably broken at least half of the ten commandments, hey that's interesting let's see if i have:

Well the murdering one I have defiantly broken that, I have stolen, I have used god's name in vain ( after I got a stern word from Elsie for it) , I have not kept the Sabbath holy , I nearly killed my father ( Years before I met Elsie though.) so that's not being completly respectful, and I have been envious of everyone that has an easy life and doesn't have to hide their engagement from anyone and lastly I told the Gestapo that Josef was helping Jews and that's why I murdered him , that's seven so yes I was right.
But even if I have done all these things, I did them all to protect somebody and if my actions saved people's lives, I think god can overlook some little indiscretions, some aren't so little but they were all for the greater good.
Right now I'm paying for it all  anyway - My fiancee is pregnant and stuck in a death camp and after being stuck as a prisoner myself for a few months, I'm pretending to have turned back to the Nazis and have been employed as a guard, the guard who has to punish Elsie, and other women. - I'm trying my best to figure out the best way to save her from the camp before our baby is born, but my mind keeps drawing a blank, it seems that now I can only think straight when Elsie isn't in grave danger, I guess I'm not as good under pressure as I thought I was but I'm going to have to get better at it if I want to save her soon, which I obviously do because if any of the other Nazi guards try to get their hands on her one more time, I will murder them and add that to my list of sins that I need to make up for after this whole thing is over.
Well I'm going to go brainstorm for more ways to save Else, wish me luck!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about Harvey's life since I couldn't think of a post, he's one of my favorite characters and is great to talk to ( Yes i talk to my characters but that doesn't make me crazy.) If anyone has any questions for Harvey he would love to answer them
+ Harvey!x

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Book Review : Mocking Jay

I finished Mocking jay about a week ago but i had other things ready to post so i didn't post this until today:) This may contain spoilers if you haven't read the first two books - you have been warned - I've already explained how much I love the Hunger games trilogy in the first two posts that I did on these books, but I'm going to say this one statement; This is my new favorite series!!

Here's the cover:

So Katniss has been lifted out of the 64th hunger game's arena by the rebels and has been informed of a plan that she and Peeta were both a part of but had no idea that it was going on, if this wasn't bad enough Peeta has been taken into the clutches of the Capitol so that she could become the rebel's mocking jay, All she wants to do is to save Peeta and her family but to do that she will have to agree to help the Rebels for their co-operation to save Peeta, from the horrible torture he is being issued in Capitol.
This book was definatly my favorite in the series and the ending is well... to die for! I couldn't have wished for a better ending to it! It was compelling until the very end and Everything that happened was shocking until the last word, it is defiantly a recommended book!( Harry if you're reading this, I am not obsessed with the Hunger games it is just an amazing book) and I am actually sad that i finished this, now I need to read it again!
By the way i completed Camp Nano!! Here's my winners button!


Monday, 3 September 2012

Characters combined :)

I have just taken part in Bethany's ( See her blog here) new prompt thing and have partnered up with Katelyn ( Her blog here), I used Harvey who is my character from my Nazi Germany WIP and Katelyn used her character Guinevere, so here's how their interaction went:

Harvey walks slowly into the funfair, his head swinging in every direction searching for someone. (Me)
     Guinevere glared at him. "Who are you searching for? Shouldn't you be explaining to me exactly what all of this," she gestured to the carts and rides, "is?" ( Katelyn)
     "The SS, they'll be here soon... they always are, and these are rides, they're for thrill and enjoyment for most people..." he stared at her while secretly thinking that she must be crazy or has suffered a recent blow to the head. (Me)
     Guinevere's forehead wrinkled as her brows pushed towards each other. "Well, why are all of these . . ." she wrinkled her nose, "people . . . dressed like they are? Do they not know how improper it is to be seen in one's nightclothes? Why are these women wearing trousers?" She folded her arms and glared even harder at him. ( Katelyn)
     "Are you alright, do you need to see a doctor or something?" Harvey puts his hand on Guinevere's shoulder, his eyes widen with concern for the obviously confused young woman. (Me)
     Guinevere jerked away from him. "Do not touch me again! I am betrothed, and it is--" she stopped. "Oh, never mind. No, I do not need to see a physician. Why would I?" ( Katelyn)
     "I was only trying to help i wasn't trying anything i'm engaged so i wouldn't , you're a little touchy aren't you?" (Me)
     Guinevere tossed her hair, which was coming undone from its pins. "No, I am not. I just do not understand your . . . society's . . . ways. You are not at all like my home. How did I even get here?" (  Katelyn)
    "You talk rather posh, has anyone ever told you that?" Harvey quickly realises that he may have offended her and thinks of a way to answer her question without riling her "but i don't know how you got here, you started a conversation with me remember?" (Me)
    Guinevere's emerald eyes widened. "Of course I speak poshly. Do you expect me to speak like a common servant?" She frowned. "Wait, I did not start a conversation with you. I was speaking to Marc and then suddenly, you were here." ( Katelyn)
      "You have servants? I don't think your Marc is here because I can't see any other guy here who's" He looks her up and down with a look of confused "Dressed as extravagantly as you are." (Me)
     "My Marc? Oh, no, you've misunderstood. Marc is just a . . . friend. And of course I have servants! What family worth its name would not have servants? Truly, you speak of me as if I am some common person." She sighed as if this were a great injustice. ( Katelyn)
     "I don't have any servants, and I've never met anyone who has servants. I don't see that as a bad thing, it means we can be self-sufficient" (Me)
     Guinevere frowned. "I am in the company of a . . . a . . . commoner. Who exactly are you, Mr. . . . Um, I do not believe I've gotten your name." ( Katelyn)
     "Harvey, Harvey Hertz, and I am technically a spy for the Gestapo, although i have technically committed a form of treason against them." A moment after revealing all this a look of fear spreads across Harvey's face "You didn't hear any of that okay?" He starts talking to himself "Oh god what have I just done? - Where has Else gotten to?... She's going to kill me" (Me)
     Guinevere blinked. "I see . . . well, after I get home I won't have to even think of you again. But . . . um . . . do you mind if I ask what a Gestapo is?" ( Katelyn)
   "Maybe it's alright that I told you anyway, you seem completely mentally unstable." (Me)
     Guinevere's eyes narrowed. "I beg your pardon? You must not know who I am." ( Katelyn)
     "I actually don't, you never told me your name and you don't look in any way familiar." Harvey tries to place her while tapping his small walking stick on the ground "Why should I know you?" (Me)
     Guinevere rolled her eyes. "Everyone knows the Montgomerys. Everyone. You must be from some kind of undeveloped country." She looked him over. "Yes, you could definitely use the touch of the English." She continued walked, her chin raised high. ( Katelyn)
     "Yeah, i could use the English to defeat us soon, that would improve my life drastically" He whispered to himself "anyway good luck getting back to England with the war on." (Me)
     Guinevere spun around. "War? What war? I . . . I only left home a few months ago. There was no mention of war!" ( Katelyn)
     "The war's been on for years already, you must have run into trouble getting into Germany." (Me)
     She blinked a few times. "What? I . . . I do not remember coming to Germany. I was in Switzerland! In Geneva! How . . . how did I get in Germany?" ( Katelyn)
    "How is Switzerland right now? Me and Elsie are thinking about Escaping there, but if it's as bad as here then we'll find somewhere else" He walks closer to her and talks fast excited to have more information for his plans. (Me)
     Guinevere put a hand to her heart. "Well, it was fine when I was there. Snowy." She looked behind her. "Um, are those the men who you were waiting for? They look quite . . . menacing."
( Katelyn)
     "I wasn't waiting for them, I was making sure they weren't here." He looks around frantically for an escape route. "I need you to pretend to be my fiancee just for a minute to save my real fiancee's life please?" He asks her despratly while putting his hands together and begging her for her help. (Me)
     Guinevere looked behind her again, fear showing on her face. "Fine, fine. You understand, under normal circumstances I would never allow this, but . . ." She clasped his hand and smiled. To those passing by, they looked like a normal couple out for a stroll. ( Katelyn)
     Harvey tries to mask his nervousness the best he can, his hand was shaking in hers until they were out of the sight of the SS "Thank you for that, I will never be able to repay you." (Me)
     Guinevere looked surprised. "Of course. I may be a social snob, but I would never do anything that could result in harm to a person's life." ( Katelyn)
     "Wow, there are still decent strangers in the world... I was starting to doubt there were any kind hearted people left, besides Elsie and my sister." (Me)
      Guinevere's smile was genuine. "Yes, I would have to agree. I know very little people who actually care for more than their dresses and hair." She frowned. "Not that I know your sister and . . . Elsie." ( Katelyn)
     "How about to repay you a little, i pay for you to ride on the big wheel? - since you seem to have never seen anything like rides." (Me)
     Guinevere shrugged. "Sure. I must admit that I find it captivating." ( Katelyn)
     He leads her to the queue for the ride "I'm surprised that they didn't find you the tiniest bit odd, with that dress on, you look like you're off to a ball not on fairground rides." (Me)
     Guinevere grinned, and then covered her mouth. "Oh, but I was off to a ball, with Marc as a chaperone, of sorts." ( Katelyn )
     "Is Marc the just friend or the one you are 'betrothed' to?" Harvey said slightly mocking her. (Me)
     Guinevere seemed to pout. "Well, it is a bit complicated. I am betrothed to a man named Gilbert. But Marc is a . . . well, I believe he is who my family wants me to marry." She shrugged again. ( Katelyn)
     "So you love Gilbert but your family don't approve, I wish my life were that uncomplicated." He said trying not to sound as annoyed as he felt at her life. (Me)
    Guinevere glared at him. "I do not believe you understand. But, then again, it is none of your business." She strode ahead, shoulders pushed back and head held high. ( Katelyn)
     "Okay, I'm sorry. I guess stress and anger get to me more than i thought, i'm sure your situation is very difficult and complicated, but at least have your go on the big wheel before you leave all angry." He said quickly "You did save my Fiancee's life after all." (Me)
      Guinevere sighed. "Yes, I am sorry as well. I get carried away. I was just thinking about . . . oh, never mind." She waved her hand through the air. "Oh look, it seems to be my turn to go up on the wheel thing." ( Katelyn)
     He laughs at her " Good luck, i'm sure you won't throw up" He says handing the man a few riechmarks (Me)
     She stared at the strange currency and narrowed her eyes. "I suppose I should not even ask." She climbed into the wheel's seat and arranged her skirts. ( Katelyn)
     He rolled his eyes while rethinking whether or not she really is crazy. (Me)

I had alot of fun doing this with Katelyn, I loved how Guinevere helped Harvey, I was like awww! 


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Camp Nano is nearly over! :(

With the end of the month nearing closer and that 50,000 mark only about a thousand words away i thought i'd share with you guys a really important extract in my book, mostly because it is one of the most important parts so it needs to be just right, it is a very touchy subject too but I argued with myself on whether to include it and it is just way to influentional to my charecters to not be included, so I'm hoping that you haven't already got bored and decided not to help me as I'd love it if I could get some feedback on it. Here it is:) :

She laughed and we left the ally way slowly being sure to not draw any attention to ourselves in the process. I gave Elsie my jacket so she could hide her dress, it looked too much like the swing kids and they'd spot us a mile away. She held my hand tightly the whole way home; I kept praying that none of the SS would spot us or at least that I wouldn’t see Josef lurking around, but my prayers weren’t answered just as we turned around a corner we saw Josef with some young teenage girl who he had pinned against the wall, I could hear her crying and I looked at Elsie quickly, I knew she was going to say something and Josef hadn’t noticed us yet so I covered her mouth with my hand and pulled her back round the corner, I could hear her making small screams for the girl who was with Josef, I knew exactly what was happening behind the corner, I remember Josef bragging about it to me when we were just teenagers.
“She was helpless” He would tell me “Couldn’t even stop me, she hardly even put up a  fight everything worked out perfectly, and I got exactly what I wanted.”
I listened to Josef around the corner as he attempted to get what he wanted from her.
“You’re just a worthless Jew, this is your fault that I have to do this to you, you forced me to.” Josef shouted at the girl.
She begged for mercy for him to just take her to the gestapo but he wasn’t listening to her, there was only one thing he wanted from her and he wasn’t going to let her go without getting it. We had to stay there while he violently violated the girl, I had to keep my hand over Elsie’s mouth as it happened, and she kept covering her ears trying to block the girl’s screams out. She was obviously failing as I felt her tears dropping on my hand. Every now and then she’d try to get away from me, to go help the girl but I held her back because I knew that if she did, She kicked me a few times in the crotch but I kept holding onto her through the pain, she wouldn’t save that girl, she’d just get herself into the same position.
After Josef had gotten what he wanted from the girl I heard him throw her to the floor.
“That’s the only thing you’re good for, remember that when the gestapo get hold of you.”
When I was confident that he’d left I let go of Elsie and she ran around the corner as quickly as she could and sat by the girl’s side, who even though she didn’t know who Elsie was still took hold of her and cried big tears onto her stomach.

Hope you like it and please it would be incredibly helpful if you could leave some feedback in the comments:) 


Friday, 17 August 2012

Book Review: The Hunger Games - Catching fire.

I finished catching fire and have moved onto Mocking jay. So here's the review for you. if you haven't read the first Hunger games book you may not want to read this as there will be spoilers.Here's the cover:

So Katniss and Peeta have escaped the Games the first time, but not without recieveing capitol's hatred for the both of them, they are about to go on their victory tour when president snow warns Katniss that if she can't convince everyone that she acted of love for Peeta that everyone she loves will be killed, because she has set off something that she can't even comprehend ending - A rebellion against Capitol in most districts.
Every part of this book shocked me and made me want to read more, Everything right up until the end was Amazing and I would recommend this book to anyone ( especially those who have read the first one) I liked it so much that i hunted around my house for an hour after i finished it for the third one. This Trilogy is defiantly my favorite even though it isn't the type of thing that i normally read and i can't wait to see how they put it into the film.


Monday, 13 August 2012

The Game of Elevens


Sarah Olson tagged me in this post at her blog ( to see her blog click here) so now i get to answer some questions:)

Game Rules:

1) post these rules
2) Round One: post 11 random facts about yourself
3) Round Two: answer the questions from the previous poster you were tagged by
4) Round Three: Post 11 new questions for the peoples to answer
5) Don't forget to tag them
6) Go to their blogs and tell them they've been tagged, and it is their job to continue the post :)

Round one:

1. I am English.
2. Reading and Writing are my favorite past times in the world, my boyfriend says that while regular people get a rush of adrenaline from being reckless, i get it from being safe and reading or writing about people being reckless!
3. Some people regard me as being a nerd, i say that i'm just cautious and like learning new things.
4. I remember weird facts about things for example did you know that Christmas was moved from the spring to December so it could be joined with the pagan festival of winter solstice
5. I plan to move to America ( Preferably New York) when i turn 19 but i will be taking with me a full suitcase of our chocolate ( Sorry to offend any of my American followers) but your chocolate really sucks compared to ours!
6. I would cry if i got anything less than a B in any of my GCSE's
7. I have teeny tiny feet!( can you tell that i'm running out of things?)
8. I am amazed by history and biology but i have no idea why.
9.How I met your mother and big bang theory are my favorite T.V shows.
10. I like using big complicated words rather than tiny simple ones.
11. I can't think of one so i'm very small! 

Round three ( I'm not doing Round 2 because i don't know anyone to tag)
Sarah's Questions:
  1. If adventure beckoned, would you accept gladly or decline the offer?                                                                  I'm a wuss so i'd probally say I would decline
  2. Take this test: and tell which personality type you are and why.                                                                                                                      
    ESFJ - "Seller". Most sociable of all types. Nurturer of harmony. Outstanding host or hostesses. 12.3% of total population.
    but i have no idea why sorry:(
  3. Do you judge based on fairness or feeling?                                                                             I like to think both but probably more feeling
  4. Are you intuitive (follow your gut feeling and inner self) or sensing (follow your senses to what is logical)?                                                                                                                                        Sensing
  5. What do you want to be as an adult and why?                                                                                 Well in a perfect world i'd make a living as an Author but Author/Journalist will do:)
  6. If you had to choose when you die, when would it be?                                                               When i'm old and have lived a long and happy life:)
  7. After you choose when, how would you prefer to die (gosh, this is morbid of me...maybe I AM crazy!) D:                                                                                                                           In any painless way... i hate pain:(
  8. What is your favorite mythological creature?                                                                               Unicorn! ( which is weird as i'm scared of horses...hmmm)
  9. Do you have a unique talent or feature? What is it and do you like it?                                         I don't know, i guess writing could class and if it does then i love it.
  10. Are you excited to make up your own questions? (It's harder than it looks)                                                        No i'm really not, i can't think
  11. If you could have your 15 minutes of fame, what would it be for?                                                    Writing a bestselling book:)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Book Review: The Hunger Games


To start this post i'm going to do a little bit of bragging about Camp Nanowrimo, I've kept to my daily word count every day and am now up to 19922 words in just 12 days - I'm so proud and i'm really enjoying the experience too. Anyway on to the review. Here's the Cover:

I finished the first of the Hunger games trilogy only about an hour ago and i was so excited that I ran to my nearest Asda's and bought the next two because I couldn't wait till tomorrow to get them! I'm sure all of you already know what it's about but I'll tell you anyway.
When the annual hunger game's reaping day comes Katniss everdeen didn't ever think that her or her little sister would get picked to be tribute but when Prim does get picked even though she only has one entry Katniss wastes no time to volunteer herself in Prim's place, she promises Prim that she will try to win for her and with her fellow Tribute Peeta attempts to get sponsers and survive capitols annual torture.
I seriously could not put this book down, Every time i ficked the page the words made me feel exactly as I imagined Katniss to feel, from the fauxmance to the fear every little bit draws you in and leaves you guessing until the very last page, the will she survive aspect of it keeps the suspence going until the last chapter and leaves you wanting to read the next book!
I would 100% recomend this book and I really could not say anything bad about it.


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo:

Hey , 
I am just informing you that I am going be participating in Camp Nanowrimo for the first time ever, i'm really excited so i am going to post about my experiences and how i'm doing word count wise on my new Camp NaNoWriMo WIP here's the blurby thing that i wrote for it ( It's a bit rubbish but ah well) :

Harvey Hertz was a regular Aryan Nazi before his boss signed him up to be a spy for the Gestapo and he started to see some of the things that they did to minorities. He started to question all the loyalty he had for the Nazis. His loyalty is truly tested when he gets sent to spy on Elsie Dubin’s family. He used to think that Jew’s were heartless but after meeting Elsie all his views were changed, She was intellectual , caring , and everything he’d ever wanted, but there was one problem – he was sent to turn her and her family into the gestapo. 

It's my first time doing a historical so I'm super excited:D Wish me luck:)


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Book Review: The wedding.

I keep forgetting to post this review because I finished the book ages ago and forgot all about it - Mostly because i was swept away by the pure romance of this book ( is it obvious that i love romance books yet?) - Again it's another book by Nicholas sparks who is in my opinion the king of romance ( Or 'love stories' as he says they are) It's called the wedding and it's the sequel to the notebook so if you haven't read that there may be some spoilers sorry! Here's the cover:

This book is about Noah and Allie's daughter - Jane - and her husband - Wilson - it is set a few years after Allie has died. Wilson realises that Jane has fallen out of love with him and that he hasn't been a brilliant husband to her and sets about getting her to fall for him again. he decides that he will make an extra big effort for their anniversary but Jane is preoccupied when their own daughter announces that she's getting married on their anniversary. Will wilson's plan be stamped out by the wedding or will he succeed and Jane will fall for him once again.There is also a little subplot that Noah thinks Allie has made her way back to him and her soul is in a swan that lives at the retirement home that plays a bigger part in the book than it would seem.
As usual with Nicholas Sparks there is a surprise plot twist that you don't see coming even a little bit. It's so amazing how intense Wilson's love is for his wife and Like all these book, it leaves you wishing that you could live such a romantic life. I love this book again , as i could never ever hate Nicholas Spark's books , he has yet to write one that i don't love


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Character Interview: Derek Reid.

Hello, this is my first Character Interview and i'm going to do it with Derek, not because he's a MC but because i think he has alot going on for a secondary Character and i don't really understand him sometimes.

Interview with Derek Reid
Me: Hey Derek, Thanks for being here today, I originally wanted Luke to interview first but he’s too busy with other stuff
Derek: Charming, why would anyone want him more than me? I’m so much more handsome.
Me: Well Summer wanted him and not you didn’t she?
Derek : ( Giving me evils)  Don’t talk about Summer, anyway I’m over her now.
Me: Is that just because she’s dead or because She was married to your brother.
Derek: Both, and I’ve been with women who were much hotter than her.
Me: Okay let’s change the subject now Derek. How’s Luke dealing with Summer’s death in your opinon?
Derek : Well he wasn’t dealing with it well, I mean he disowned me his own brother, but now he seems to be doing better , but he won’t move on it’s infuriating me.
Me: Well he did disown you because you told him you loved his wife like an hour after she died but you know all that so let’s skip that part. Why do you want him to move on?
Derek:  because it’s been four years , and I love little Bella, and I can see she needs a mother, and Lu can’t give her that… unless he tries to find her a step mum.
Me: Aww , I love it when your sensitive side starts to come out Derek.
Derek: I don’t have a sensitive side what are you talking about? I want him to move on mostly because I want a wing man to go to bars with!
Me: You think he’s going to go to bars with you? What’s he going to do take his four year old to pick up women?
Derek: No Abby will look after Bella.
Me: That’s a good idea, leave your ex with your brother’s daughter so you can go pick up women. Anyway, How are you and Abby , having any luck?
Derek: No, I’ve tried a lot believe me, but she’s still vundrenble, I think she still misses Summer, but it kinda seems like everyone’s lives got worse when Summer died.
Me: Did yours?
Derek: Well… not directly because of Summer, because I lost my brother, but it got a little better because I gained my great little Niece
Me: Aww you’re admiration for Bella is lovely , you’re the best uncle ever ( When you want to be)
Derek: What was the last comment about?
Me: Nothing , anyway I can’t think of anymore questions for you so that’s over now, Bye Derek.


Friday, 22 June 2012

Book review: safe haven

I know I do alot of reviews on Nicholas Spark's books. but I love his books! Expect more reviews on his books as i just bought 3 more:D Excited :)

So Anyway here's the cover of Safe haven:

This book is about a woman who is running away from something and along the way finds true love in the from of Alex - a widower with 2 young children. -. i know at this point i usually explain the plot in detail without giving much away but to be honest i don't want to ruin it for anyone who's going to read it, because if i had known anymore than this i wouldn't have enjoyed this book as much. The mystery of this book is the best part and without that it would be ruined. So I have located the blurb and will post that instead.

When a mysterious young woman named Katie appears in the small North Carolina town of Southport, her sudden arrival raises questions about her past. Beautiful yet self-effacing, Katie seems determined to avoid forming personal ties until a series of events draws her into two reluctant relationships: one with Alex, a widowed store owner with a kind heart and two young children; and another with her plainspoken single neighbor, Jo. Despite her reservations, Katie slowly begins to let down her guard, putting down roots in the close-knit community and becoming increasingly attached to Alex and his family. 

This book is so sad and touching. I love this and nicholas sparks is and always will be my favorite writer. At the moment i'm reading 'the wedding' So that review will be up as soon as i finish the book.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Character Pictures.

I have recently decided that I should find pictures of my 'characters' ( random models on sites that look like my interpretation of my characters) to visulise them better. I'm going to share with you the three characters I have found pictures for so far in my WIP.

Here's Summer Reid:
 I was completely in love and awe of Summer, but then due to my storyline choice, she had to bid goodbye. She's so pretty with her curly golden ringlets and bright blue eyes. God I miss writing about her. She is( i mean was :'( ) my MMC's wife who died while giving birth to their daughter Isabella.

Here's Abby Winter:

This is Abby, I hadn't planned to make her a big thing in the story, but as she developed I really started to like her. She's based on three of my closest friends and is Summer's best friend. After Summer dies she tries to hide her pain for her friends death in order to fulfill a duty she feels to help Luke( My MMC) to raise his and Summer's daughter and to accept the death of Summer.

More character pictures soon


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Contest For you:

I have recently seen this competition that may interest some of you. It's to win a copy of ' The essential guide to getting your book published' and It sure interests me , as someone who has wanted to be a writer since I can remember - Hope you enter and Good Luck!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A change in the Blog.

I have decided to make this blog more of a personal writing blog as well as a place to write book reviews, I just wanted to inform people just in case you get confused that the content I post has changed a little.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Book Review: This Lullaby

Hello, I haven't read this book very quickly but I have finally finished it.

The book is called 'This Lullaby' and it is written by Sarah Dessen.
Here's the cover:

This Lullaby is about a teenage girl called Remy who has always been sceptical about love and all matters of the heart. She is sure that love doesn't exist and anyone who believes in it is only standing to get hurt. Her mother has have 4 marriages and is on the verge of her 5th - all of which have failed and left Barbara heart broken and leaving Remy to pick up the pieces-. She has just graduated high school and is going to stanford after the Summer. She sets about finding a summer boyfriend and meets Dexter at her future step father's car dealership. He instantly feels a conection between them which Remy doesn't feel and thinks he's crazy. They end up bumping into each other all over which he says is 'fate' and that they are supposed to be together. When dexter's band plays at Remy's mother's wedding they decide to start a relationship which Remy decides is only till the end of summer. through the course of the book Dexter and Remy's relationship keeps changing and Remy changes with it for the better.
This book captured my heart and made me feel for Remy and wish she would get over her relationship issues and just let Dexter into her heart. She goes on a real emotional journey as everything around her changes. She just has to change with it. Everything works out for the best in the end and i absolutly fell in love with both Remy and Dexter. Even though Dexter is completly imperfect and Remy is obsessed with perfection and control. They balence each other out and make perfection.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Book Review : Starter for ten.

It's been an awful long time since I have posted a book review and I apologize for that! My reasoning is a mix of three things ;
1. I have been inspired in writing my book ; not reading
3. I haven't seen any books I want to read.

Anyway I'm back now with a book review on Starter for then. A book by David Nicolas that has been made into a film ; a film that I haven't seen and don't plan to in the foreseeable future.
Here's the cover:

The book is about a boy called Brain Jackson , he starts university even though not many thought he could do it. His dad died when he was little and his mum is a bit of an alcoholic. When his father was alive they used to watch university challenge together which meant after his death , he wanted nothing more than to get onto the show himself. The first night at university Brain finds himself at a party - drunk - where he meets the most beautiful girl he's ever met - Alice - He falls for her almost instantly. He meets her again at the university challenge auditions when she gets on the team and he becomes the substitute. After one of the team members gets a disease he gets onto the team and becomes the team's 'Superstar' but will he impress the stunning Alice into dating him

This book was an hilarious perception of the university experience , Brain as a character is hilarious and abit pretentious which makes it amusing when he says stupid things or bad things happen to him. This book isn't the type of thing i reguallary read. but my boyfriend bought me it for my birthday , and he knows me so well because i love it! - Thank you baby , I love you!!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Book Review: Beastly

Hello again , I know I said I was going to post this review a few days ago but I started writing it then wasn't interested in writing this and went back to writing my book so i'm sorry but I have more important writing to do lately but I will always get round to writing reviews on all books i read. Also I have been trying to find more books to read but have ran out of books I want to read. If anyone who is reading this has read any good books I would be grateful if you could recommend them to me. Anyway to the review , This time it is Beastly a book by Alex Flinn. Here is the book's cover:

This book is about a selfish high school student who is a news readers son and was taught from an early age that looks were always the most important thing and always judged people by their looks. One day a witch decides to punish him and enters the school pretending to be an ugly fat girl in his classes which he immediately s picks on as soon as he sees her. He decides to play a joke on her and ask her to the dance when he is really going with the most beautiful girl in school. He is punished by the witch for his cruel joke on her by being turned into a beast but in his last human hour he did one good thing , he gave a rose to a grateful stranger (Lindy) but two petals had fallen off this means he is given two years to find someone who falls in love with him despite his ugliness and kiss her before the two years are up. He spends most of the first year being depressed and as his father leaves him because of his looks he is now locked in a large house with his housekeeper (magda) and his tutor ( Will a blind man). He is also given a magic mirror in which he can see anyone he wishes. He watches most people he can think of but the person he watches the most is Lindy. One day by coincidence her drug addict father breaks into Kyle's house her father offers Kyle Lindy in exchange for freedom , Kyle then accepts thinking he might save her and break the spell. but when Lindy hates him for being a 'Jailer' Nothing goes as he expects as he showers her with gifts that all she hates apart from the library of books. Will she break the spell or will Kyle be a beast forever?

This book is a modern remake of Beauty and the beast , Lindy being Beauty ( although being described as average looking) and Kyle being the Beast. It is a lovely and romantic story and is an amazing remake of a long told and classic story that hasn't ruined the original story. or has it used the all the story or tarnished it.
It is amazing and Is great for any fairy tale lover. Anyone who loves romantic fairy tales will Adore this book.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Book Review: When Hitler stole pink rabbit.

Hello again people,
I finally finished the book I was reading and actually started and finished another book as well as writing since my last post. I actually finished it a few days ago but I've been neglecting to write a review on it because at the moment I much prefer writing my story.
Anyway enough of my rambling on let's get started on the review.
It's another book about Nazi Germany that I was actually told to read by my history teacher but turned out to be a good read.
It's by Judith Kerr and is apparently supposed to be classed as a children's book although in my opinion it's topic and some of the vocabulary is a little too old for most children.
Here is the cover:

The Story is about a young girl called Anna who's family are Jewish in Nazi Germany , her father is a rather famous Jewish Author in Berlin , so a few days before the election results in 1933 her father flees for Prague in fear that when the Nazis have been elected it will be impossible for him to leave as they might take his passport away from him for being Jewish. When the Nazis are in fact elected the rest of Anna's family join their father in Switzerland where he is by this time. They spend a few months in Switzerland before in which time Anna and her brother - Max - make friends and progress well at school. They then move to Paris as her father is struggling to find work in Switzerland because of being Jewish and the Swiss are scared of Hitler. When they move to Paris they have many money troubles and both Max and Anna have trouble learning French and making friends but they manage to make a life there until their father again can't get much work and they eventually move again to England.

I can't really explain that much about the plot of this book so I am sorry for that by the way.
I will admit this book will not be for everyone , to enjoy and be interested in the book you probally have to have a personal interest with History and / or Nazi Germany. I throughally enjoyed it but then again I am a little bit of a History nerd and would study history books all day just for fun. It really is an insight on what life was like for the refuge children in Nazi Germany. It shows a different side to the normal story's you  hear of refuges from a child's point of view and Anna attually sounds like she enjoys being a Refuge.


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Book Review: The Boy in the striped pyjamas

Hello people ,
Haven't posted in a while because I've been too busy to read much so I'm still in the middle of the book I am currently reading but I realised that there were some books I read in the past that I haven't reviewed on this blog yet so I thought to cure my writing itch for the day I'll write a review on one of those - the boy in the striped pyjamas , you've all probably heard of the film but this isn't a film review it's a book review. So here goes:
The Cover:
This Book is about a young German boy called Bruno who is growing up in second world war Germany, his father was high up in the Nazis ( what job or person it doesn't tell you) and when the beginning of the holocaust starts Bruno's father is promoted and is sent to live in Poland and work at what Bruno thinks throughout the book is called outwith and isn't shown to be some other famous place until the end of the book. With having no one to play with around 'outwith' apart from his know it all sister bruno sees outwith through his bedroom window and wonders why they are all dressed the same , one day while he's exploring alone he sees a little boy about his age near the fencing of 'outwith' and goes over to talk to him. After talking to him for a while he finds out that he is a jew and they become good friends. within a few months they spend everyday talking at the side of the fence and Bruno sees Shmuel as his best friend no matter how different they are. One day Shmuel says that his father has gone missing inside the camp and Shmuel has looked everywhere and misses him terribly. Bruno agrees that if Shmuel can find striped pyjamas like the ones Shmuel wears for bruno then bruno would come into the camp and help Shmuel to find his father. What will happen when Bruno goes into the camp and what will they find?

This book was compelling and made me cry for hours on end.Unless you have heard of what this book is about you would realise it until right at the end because it is written so sensitivly and from the point of view of bruno - someone who has no idea what is going on- and is written innocently enough for it to be hidden until the end.
I loved this book and I Reconmend it to anyone who wants to make themselves cry a lot.