Monday, 19 August 2013

Book Review; Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters

I LOVE PERCY! God this world is just amazing. here's the cover;
So Percy is thrown into another adventure along with Annabeth. Groover has been kidnapped and Thalia's tree is dying. the only way to save them both is for Percy and Annabeth to retrieve the golden fleece from the sea of monsters. As with the first book they go through a lot of dramatic battles with monsters which all make me think how scared I'd be if I was a 9 year old reading these books.
I love this world. I love all the gods and half bloods and everything about camp half blood. and I love Rick Riordan's style. Percy has such a distinct and funny voice that the whole book even in tense parts he had me laughing at the things he'd think of. I loved Annabeth's curiosity in this book and I really think she developed well but my favorite character has to be Tyson. He is a cyclops who at the beguinning of the book is just a huge guy who Percy goes to school with but later in Camp half blood Percy discovers he is a cyclops and is also a son of poseidon. but because he is young but looks older as he is a cyclops. he is very touchy and cute but he's so protective and loving of Percy even though through the entire first half Percy hates having Tyson as his brother and thinks Poseidon is trying to make him feel bad. I loved how absent Poseidon was because I think even though he did send things for Percy and Tyson he didn't really do much, like Hermes helped Percy out the most and that was just in order to help out his son Luke. I really loved Hermes and his snakes as well they were the coolest. Anyway read this book


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Book Review; City of Bones

Right this might be a short review because I  can't think of things that I can say that won't be spoliers so here's the cover;

So this book is a goldmine for any paranormal type book fan. It includes lots of different creatures from vampires and werewolves to Fairies and warlocks. Also the main creatures of the book, shadow hunters. They all live in Idris normally which is a country that's between France and Germany. but they live in cities and stuff in the mundane (human) world, to fight of demons from different worlds. Clary isn't aware of this world until the beginning of this book when she is plunged into it head first when she meets Jace, Alec and Isabelle in a club and witnesses them fighting off a demon.
I loved loved loved this book. So much that I went off today and bought the next two books in this series. I didn't think this book could live up to all the hype but it totally did. and lots of people say the infernal devices is even better and I can't possibly fathom how Cassandra Clare can beat herself... How are you doing this woman? 
There is a slight love triangle in this book but It's not one that you should worry about if you're starting this series because if the ending is anything to go by it's not going to be a problem in the rest of the series. Gosh the falcon story had me crying for days. then I told my friend and she cried... that story is heart breaking. Anyway enough of this because I'm going to spoil it. let's just say I loved it and you should read it. like now.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Book Review; Specials

Another book review! Technically this means I've finished the Uglies series, apart from the companion novel which I will read soon. Yay for finishing series! So onto Specials, WARNING first though this will contain spoilers for both Pretties and Uglies but will be kept spoiler free for Specials.
Here's the cover I have;
So this book is probally my favorite in the series I think. It's so action packed and I loved Tally in this one. you learnt so much more about the world as a whole in this book.
So Tally has been turned into what she had always feared most ; a special. or more specifically, a part of the special circumstances called the cutters. They are different from other specials and they get their name from the fact that they cut themselves in order to feel 'icy' which is in theory the same thing as Pretties getting 'bubbly' but a little bit more intense. All the specials have like crematic bones and razer sharp teeth and a ring that can render people uncouncious and they are really bad ass agents. 
Thank you Scott Westerfeld for giving me the ending that I desired. Not giving anything away though.
I did hate that neither Zane nor David was really present in the book until they needed to be. and Tally never thinks of David EVER. I hate that about her because I Loved David the most and I really didn't like Zane. He just annoyed me. I think Tally really came to terms with the fact that she is the reason all of this is happening. for a comparison in the hunger games Katniss is aware all the time that she is the symbol of the rebellion, as soon as she starts to be it. she's the mockingjay and the girl on fire and she's very aware of what she needs to do as that symbol. Tally however is the reason all of this is happening and she didn't realise it until David spells it out for her. so she does stuff that is completely against what she should be doing for the smoke. I love how strong she is and that throughout this series she has just grown and grown and pushed herself out of whatever she's been put into. Like in Uglies she gets away from being an Ugly and becomes a Smokie. Then once she is turned into a Pretty she fights against being a bubblehead on her own and again gets back to the smoke and being a smokie for a little while. I won't reveal what happens in this book but she breaks out again. I really felt sorry for her though because I as a reader started to realise how much she has been put though at the hands of other people. She was turned into a pretty almost against her will, then she was again turned into a special against her will. She has a right to have an identity crisis when everytime she finds herself. herself is taken away and changed again. and although she always struggles to get back to it, she shouldn't have to do it. I loved the new city ( not sure if it's a spoiler); Diego. It really opened your eyes to the whole of the world rather than just Tally's town. Like how Tally's town is really the strictest and has the most rules against pretties and Uglies and how before I'd assumed every town has Specials but it's shown that Tally's town is the only that has them. I think the world building in this book was the best and Diego was very capitol esque, with crazy people getting surgury to look like they want with no restrictions. Tally got herself into a lot of trouble but I was really happy with the ending and I thought it'd be an ending I hated so Well Done Westerfeld. Video review will be recorded and edited and posted soon!;


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Book Review; Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief.

I finally understand all the hype. I loved this book. Here's the cover I have;

Yes it's the movie cover but it was 50p so I really don't care. So for those of you who don't know what the Percy Jackson and the olympians series is then you really should read it. It follows Percy Jackson a twelve year old boy who has been kicked out of 6 schools in 6 years, has been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. Then he gets attacked by his maths teacher/ a fury and boom! He finds out he's the son of a greek god. One of the big three; Poseidon to be precise. So to keep him safe he has to be shipped off to Camp Half-blood for the summer in order to make sure that monsters don't try and kill him. Which they do anyway but ah well. There are lots of other Demi-gods and it's really complicated like all the children of one greek god like in the same cabin at the camp and fight competitions together as a team. Since Percy is the only living son of Poseidon he's all alone. but everyone there is kind of his cousins. Told you it's complicated. 
I loved how all the green myths were weaved seamlessly into the mortal reality. The explanation of the mist causing humans to see events that were really work of the gods as terrorist attacks or wars against one country with another (it explains that the world wars were basically demi-gods against demi-gods) and all the feuds against the different gods like Annabeth who is one of Percy's best friends and the daughter of Athena, feels like she is supposed to hate Percy because Poseidon and Athena have a bit of a feud is really funny.
I loved how all the Demi-gods had parts of their parents in them. Like they would do things and Percy would say that he could see why they were the god of wars children for example. I kind of hated the gods. I know they have a lot to do but they are real jerks. They use the Demi-gods for quests because the only explanation I can see is that they're too lazy to do the jobs themselves and they feel the quests are beneath them. Poseidon claims Percy as his son only because he wants this quest doing by Percy otherwise he wouldn't have even bothered. so all the Demi-gods are a little bitter and don't really care much for their god parents. and I don't blame them. I loved that you don't really have to know much about greek mythology to get it. You need to know some of the gods maybe and that's it. otherwise we learn it along with Percy (from mostly Annabeth and Grover) or Percy teaches us it. which for a middle grade book I loved because If i was nine I would have loved learning about the greeks with Percy rather than from boring teachers at school. This is an excellent book for fans of harry potter I think. From what I can tell the series runs like harry potter does. each book starts at the beginning of Summer at camp half blood with Percy a year older and the themes in the book also being suitable for kids who are a year older. and You have to learn about the world of the olympians along with Percy just like with the wizarding world with harry. But by the end of the series I hope to be an expert! I will buy all the other book in this series! but I did not like the film I would have liked it if it wasn't tied to the book but it was extremely loosely based on this book and I hate adaptations that are loosely based, it irritates me. So video review to be posted here soon;