Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dreams, and ambitions;

Lately I've been thinking about my dreams, and what I want from my life, and how they're going to fit in with everything I want. and don't worry this post is kinda writing related.
Ever since I started perusing writing I've had this dream life of mine. If you've never ever seen sex and the city then you won't understand but still.
Anyway, I've wanted to be like Carrie off sex and the city, and I don't mean the string of boyfriends or being single thing, because I'll always have Harry.but the small studio apartment in New York, budding columnist for a great newspaper and an author. But that's my dream. I think ambitions are different, I could like without the new york part of my dream but I couldn't live my whole life without the published author bit of it. If I didn't make it to New York there would still be so many things that I could do in England, but I'd need one of them to be getting published. because I love writing. For whatever reason, maybe I'm just a crazy person but that's what I love. I love writing all my stories. I loved writing Summer and Lucas because it helped me to get to know my boyfriend better and I just love the saddness of their relationship. I love writing Harvey and Elsie because... well Harvey's the hero that every girl wants, and Elsie's so Innocent and perfect and she'll believe the good in anyone. I love writing Lila and Jacob because they're seriously the sweetest couple ever, even though they're complete opposites; Lila's all out going and bubbly and Jacobs quiet and lonley most of the time. And most of all I love writing Annie and Carter because I don't write from Women's point of views ever but with Annie it's easy. Also they're so cute together and even as everything goes wrong for them, they still need each other so badly
Anyway i know this is pointless but I just needed to write something so Goodbye I guess.