Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Blog tour ; Between these lines.

Hello, Today I have a special treat for you guys, first I have an interview with the author of Between These Lines ; Jennifer Murgia. Which I did a review on a while ago :) So here's the interview:

When I read Between These Lines it left me heartbroken, how do you think 
you managed to achieve that level of emotion?

I think it takes a certain type of person to write about heartache . . . 
some writers pen contemporary or humor very well, and some are able to 
reach deep inside their souls and pull certain emotions to the surface. 
I happen to be the type of person who takes everything to heart—feelings 
hit me hard and I let them simmer. That’s just who I am. So writing a 
book with an emotional plot was fairly easy for me. Once I tapped into 
that vein, the story sort of came out.

Is there any part of the book that you would consider based on your real 
life experiences?

Back in my middle school days a good friend of mine had transferred to a 
local private school. I remember feeling an intense mix of emotions—I 
would miss her, I felt jealous about her prestigious education, I was 
excited for her new journey . . . and a few years after, and for reasons 
I’ll never know, she committed suicide. Part of me felt that after she 
switched schools, she took all I knew about her with her. I’ll never 
understand what she went through—if the school, or her new friends, or 
her family, had anything to do with her decision to take her life.

Did you always want to be a writer? And if not when did you realize that 
you wanted to be?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer—ever since 3rd grade when the other 
kids moaned over the Haiku lesson and I thought it was the coolest thing 
ever. I used to take an electric typewriter outside with an extension 
cord, plant myself on the sidewalk, and write plays for the neighborhood 
kids to star in. Honestly, I thought poetry would be my thing—not 
fiction, or even fiction for young adults. Funny how things turn out.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

Oh goodness yes. Lots. The only thing I can do about it is get up and do 
something else. Give the brain a break until it’s ready to re-focus.

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Not being judgmental of myself. I’m really my worst critic when it comes 
to my writing, and I suppose it’s that way for many authors. Writing is 
so personal and we see it UP CLOSE – it’s hard not to want to delete it 
all and say it sucks.

Who is your favorite character in Between theses lines and why?

Definitely Chase. He’s the perfect person because he’s so flawed. What 
doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? That’s how I see him. He’s 
seen so much heartache, has had so much prematurely stolen from him that 
he’s learned from it. In his case, his heart has been chipped away at 
over and over again but the little he has left isn’t something he wants 
to keep to himself. He wants to share it.

My second treat is a giveaway for the blog tour, the giveaway includes a free download of the book, Sylvia Palth collected poems, a bookcover necklace and Evie's diary!

Good luck on the giveaway and I hope you all enjoyed the interview and I hope you all read this book because it's AMAZING!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Book Review : Between These Lines!

So picture this, me up at midnight last night trying frantically to finish Between These Lines, my eyes widen as I realise what's happening and I cry instantly. That was my night! This book's another Playlist book by Jennifer Murgia! Here's the cover:
And now for the blurb - because I think I might give EVERYTHING away if I explain it -:

When a class assignment brings quiet Chase Mitman and the stunning Evie Cunningham together, a mutual attraction ignites. There’s only one problem—Evie already has a boyfriend—one who practically OWNS Whitley Prep, and her.
Knowing their relationship comes at a price, Chase’s life collides with Evie’s, and after entrusting her with a tragic secret, the last thing he’d ever expect is to learn she keeps a few of her own.
An innocent prank turns ugly. An anonymous note changes everything. And lives at Whitley Prep will never be the same.
Seriously this book... killed me towards the end. Evie and Chase are two characters who are so easy to fall in love with, and Shane is such an easy character to hate the guts of. I would really recommend this book and if I gave up my sleep last night when I have school tomorrow (and I'm shattered) then who can deny that it's a fantastic book! It shows the results of school cliques that hate each other (although extreme results that I pray to god don't happen at my school) and it had me rooting for Chase the entire time... Believe me the end will torture you, I had to message Katelyn to make sure I wasn't reading things because I just didn't believe it! Or didn't want to. Anyway enough of me depressing myself over the ending of this book! Just read it! and you'll understand my pain!
Ways to catch up with Jennifer:
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Book Review of Glass Girl (Playlist Fiction)

Firstly before I get to the point of this blog post I'd like to share with you my tumblr writing blog, since I update on that alot more often so It might be cool to see some of you catch up with me on that :) Thewordsiwrite
Anyway to the point! Today (like a few minutes ago actually) I finally finished the second book for playlist fiction, Glass girl by Laura Anderson Kurk! (See her website here) Instead of my normal overview of the plot I'm going to give you the one on her website since I think if I think about it too much I may cry again :) 
When Meg Kavanagh finds herself in the unthinkable role of grieving sister, she discovers some harsh truths—parents aren’t perfect, life’s not always sweet, and the dead don’t write back. Worried she might have caused Wyatt’s death, Meg folds her heart into a box. Her famous mom grieves by slowly disappearing, and her dad copes by moving them to a small town in Wyoming.What she finds in Wyoming blindsides her.His name is Henry, and he’s a rancher’s son who pulls Meg into his larger-than-life world and shows her that being sensitive is not an excuse to sit this one out. Meg wants to be brave like Henry because the best things in life—like falling in love and finding mercy—require uncommon courage. And Henry has a secret that changes everything.
Oh and here's the cover! which is so pretty!
So it took me absolutely ages to get through this book as apposed to other books that mostly I read really quick. The reason it took me so long is because it's one of those books that involuntarily pulls you in. Makes you feel like you're there with Meg or even are her at some points in it! and it made me want to cry at points so much that I felt like putting it in the freezer like Joey did with the shining in F.R.I.E.N.D.S but I didn't! I just... cried alot :P It shows the raw emotions of grief that I've never experienced first hand while at the same time falling in love with a small town cowboy who just blows you away! So seriously I'd recommend this book to everyone! As long as they're ready to cry abit if they get too into books like I do. Meg is easilly relateable to everyone and you really understand everything she's going through even if you have no idea what that kind of pain feels like. This book released on April 1st (As did it's complicated ) and the sequel 'Perfect glass' releases in June! Which by the way I'm so anxious to read that I really wish it was on the may releases for playlist!! For anyone who wants to check out more about Laura and her writing here's ways to catch up with her!

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