Thursday, 17 May 2012

Character Pictures.

I have recently decided that I should find pictures of my 'characters' ( random models on sites that look like my interpretation of my characters) to visulise them better. I'm going to share with you the three characters I have found pictures for so far in my WIP.

Here's Summer Reid:
 I was completely in love and awe of Summer, but then due to my storyline choice, she had to bid goodbye. She's so pretty with her curly golden ringlets and bright blue eyes. God I miss writing about her. She is( i mean was :'( ) my MMC's wife who died while giving birth to their daughter Isabella.

Here's Abby Winter:

This is Abby, I hadn't planned to make her a big thing in the story, but as she developed I really started to like her. She's based on three of my closest friends and is Summer's best friend. After Summer dies she tries to hide her pain for her friends death in order to fulfill a duty she feels to help Luke( My MMC) to raise his and Summer's daughter and to accept the death of Summer.

More character pictures soon


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