Saturday, 25 January 2014

Book Review ; Summer of cotton candy by Debbie Viguie

Hi Guys,
So today I have a review for you, and I will warn you I’m a little rusty at writing reviews so have a little patience with me.  So this is a review of Summer of Cotton Candy by Debbie Vigue, it is a young adult Christian contempory novel. And the first in a four part series.

 This follows a girl named Candace who is forced by her father to get a part time job for the summer at an amusement park called the zone, at first she thinks that he’s ruining her summer fun with her best friend Tamara but after meeting the mysterious mascot guy ; Kurt, she’s not so sure anymore.
I loved this book. It was a total breath of fresh air, Candace was so realistic as she moaned about her job. She had the right amount of faults while she still realised her faults like she gets angry at a small girl who comes to her cotton candy counter and immediately asks god for forgiveness.
I also loved the friendships and family in this book. A lot of times in the contempory books I read friendship and family is pushed out for the romance and in this book I think it was entirely the opposite, I think Josh and  Tamara were in more scenes in this book and got more page time than Kurt did in the whole thing. And while I liked the relationship between Candace and Kurt, I much preferred reading about her friendships. Another thing on this point was that this book doesn’t suffer from absent parents like a lot of Young Adult books do, Candace’s parents were big parts of her life and effected how she thought of things.
I think this book deals well with the issue of getting jobs young, at one point Candace’s dad offers to let her quit her job when she’s having a real hard time with it and she says that if she can’t deal with a summer job then how is she going to function in the real world which I think is a valid point. The job changed her perceptive on her life in general so much so that she was actually sad when her last day of summer came.
Another thing that was brilliant about this book was the theme park. I mean why is this place not real. I could picture everything about it in my head and just wanted to be there so badly, it had sections like the historical zone, and the holiday zone and all the zones have a theme which is pulled off amazingly and since we follow Candace who has a job that can be in any of the zones rather than a character like Josh whose job is just in the Splash Zone, or Kurt whose job is only in the historical zone, we get a feel for the whole park.
So all in all this book was a really quick (only 220 pages) and amazing read. I definitely recommend it!


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