Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Book Review: Beastly

Hello again , I know I said I was going to post this review a few days ago but I started writing it then wasn't interested in writing this and went back to writing my book so i'm sorry but I have more important writing to do lately but I will always get round to writing reviews on all books i read. Also I have been trying to find more books to read but have ran out of books I want to read. If anyone who is reading this has read any good books I would be grateful if you could recommend them to me. Anyway to the review , This time it is Beastly a book by Alex Flinn. Here is the book's cover:

This book is about a selfish high school student who is a news readers son and was taught from an early age that looks were always the most important thing and always judged people by their looks. One day a witch decides to punish him and enters the school pretending to be an ugly fat girl in his classes which he immediately s picks on as soon as he sees her. He decides to play a joke on her and ask her to the dance when he is really going with the most beautiful girl in school. He is punished by the witch for his cruel joke on her by being turned into a beast but in his last human hour he did one good thing , he gave a rose to a grateful stranger (Lindy) but two petals had fallen off this means he is given two years to find someone who falls in love with him despite his ugliness and kiss her before the two years are up. He spends most of the first year being depressed and as his father leaves him because of his looks he is now locked in a large house with his housekeeper (magda) and his tutor ( Will a blind man). He is also given a magic mirror in which he can see anyone he wishes. He watches most people he can think of but the person he watches the most is Lindy. One day by coincidence her drug addict father breaks into Kyle's house her father offers Kyle Lindy in exchange for freedom , Kyle then accepts thinking he might save her and break the spell. but when Lindy hates him for being a 'Jailer' Nothing goes as he expects as he showers her with gifts that all she hates apart from the library of books. Will she break the spell or will Kyle be a beast forever?

This book is a modern remake of Beauty and the beast , Lindy being Beauty ( although being described as average looking) and Kyle being the Beast. It is a lovely and romantic story and is an amazing remake of a long told and classic story that hasn't ruined the original story. or has it used the all the story or tarnished it.
It is amazing and Is great for any fairy tale lover. Anyone who loves romantic fairy tales will Adore this book.


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