Saturday, 4 February 2012

Book Review: When Hitler stole pink rabbit.

Hello again people,
I finally finished the book I was reading and actually started and finished another book as well as writing since my last post. I actually finished it a few days ago but I've been neglecting to write a review on it because at the moment I much prefer writing my story.
Anyway enough of my rambling on let's get started on the review.
It's another book about Nazi Germany that I was actually told to read by my history teacher but turned out to be a good read.
It's by Judith Kerr and is apparently supposed to be classed as a children's book although in my opinion it's topic and some of the vocabulary is a little too old for most children.
Here is the cover:

The Story is about a young girl called Anna who's family are Jewish in Nazi Germany , her father is a rather famous Jewish Author in Berlin , so a few days before the election results in 1933 her father flees for Prague in fear that when the Nazis have been elected it will be impossible for him to leave as they might take his passport away from him for being Jewish. When the Nazis are in fact elected the rest of Anna's family join their father in Switzerland where he is by this time. They spend a few months in Switzerland before in which time Anna and her brother - Max - make friends and progress well at school. They then move to Paris as her father is struggling to find work in Switzerland because of being Jewish and the Swiss are scared of Hitler. When they move to Paris they have many money troubles and both Max and Anna have trouble learning French and making friends but they manage to make a life there until their father again can't get much work and they eventually move again to England.

I can't really explain that much about the plot of this book so I am sorry for that by the way.
I will admit this book will not be for everyone , to enjoy and be interested in the book you probally have to have a personal interest with History and / or Nazi Germany. I throughally enjoyed it but then again I am a little bit of a History nerd and would study history books all day just for fun. It really is an insight on what life was like for the refuge children in Nazi Germany. It shows a different side to the normal story's you  hear of refuges from a child's point of view and Anna attually sounds like she enjoys being a Refuge.



  1. Hey, Summer, I'm new to your blog. :) This sounds like a really cool book. I'll have to check it out. ^_^

  2. It is quite good attually, I was forced to read it for my History coursework but i attually ended up liking it , it's really interesting.