Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Book Review : The Notebook

Hello , this time I am going to review The Notebook by Nicolas sparks. I read this  book quite a long time ago so if I forget some details from the book but i doubt that i will because it is one of my all time favourite books. I personally love Nicolas Sparks' books and have read most of them apart from his newest one which I am looking forward to reading.
anyway this is the cover of 'The Notebook'.

If you haven't heard of the book or even seen the film which I think is most unlikely because most people deem that Film a classic romance film this is what it is about. It Starts out as an old man reading to a woman who is in a home for Alzheimer disease. He starts reading the story of two young people called Noah and Allie who met and dated for one summer and fell in love but who were later torn apart by Allies parents hatred for him as they thought she was too good for him. It then skips 14 years ahead where Allie is engaged to another man and Noah has come home from WW2 and started restoring a house in New Bern (the house that he took Allie 14 years ago on the night they first made love). Allie sees an article in the newspaper about the house and is immediately shocked and decides that to have closure from her love for Noah which still burns on inside of her. She travels to New Bern and seeing each other triggers the emotions and memories of that summer for both Allie and Noah. She thought that he hadn't written to her after the one summer they spent together as he had promised but soon realises that her mother had hidden them from her. After spending the weekend with each other they rekindle their romance but later Allies mother shows up and gives Allie the letters but tells her she needs to choose her fiancée or Noah. This is an incredibly difficult choice for Allie as she loves Noah but doesn't want to Hurt Lon.
I won't keep typing because i know if i do I'll tell you the end and if any of you are thinking of reading it , I don't want to ruin it for you. I think this book is possibly the Greatest romance novel ever written up to this point and is a amazingly romantic story. Anybody that loves Romance will adore this book and reread it over and over ( i know i have ) because it is 100% the type of book that you can't just read once. My favourite quote of this book is one i am defiantly going to recommend you to read even if is the only part you read is page 204-209 because it is the most romantic piece of writing I have ever read and makes me cry every time.
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do.

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