Sunday, 20 November 2011

Book Review : A Secret in the Family

Hello , I just finished reading A Secret in the Family which is by Lyn Andrews.
This is the Book's Cover:

I'm Assuming some people won't have heard of this book because it hasn't been made into a film which is how most people hear about books so I'll give you a run through of the story line. It's set in Liverpool in the 1960's and Dee Campbell and Jean Williams have just finished secondary school. Jean has set her heart on being a hairdresser much to her mother's (Ada) distress. Dee is the more sensible one of the two and is planning on trying to find some office work in Liverpool which is much more easy to come by. At the start of the book they both live on the roughest side of Liverpool and their parents have been hoping to be rehoused for years which they eventually do get rehoused into the countryside on the edge of Liverpool and are extremely happy there. After they move Jeans Father (Harry) has a stroke of luck when he wins the Irish Sweepstakes and him and Ada decide to help Jean with her career by helping her to set up her own business. Everything seems to be Going well for both Girls as they meet steady boyfriends and over the next few years they both get engaged and remain the best of friends but what happens when disaster strikes for Dee will friendship really last through everything?
Overall I thought this book wasn't very good when I first started reading it , this was mostly because I've read other Lyn Andrews books and the starts of the books are very similar but after reading the first hundred pages there became a massive twist and one that i didn't expect there to be in this book. It's a story of true friendship and shows that no matter how much you plan life never works out as you thought it would. I think if you are going to read this book it is best to not read any other books that Lyn Andrews has written and read it when you have a lot of time on your hands because it is a tiny bit long winded but it is in itself a good book and I'm not saying that you shouldn't read it you just need to have a lot of time to read it all because you shouldn't read it a little at a time.
Hope that if you read this Book you enjoy it.

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