Sunday, 13 November 2011

First Book Review : The Help

Hello , and welcome ( if of course anyone is reading this ) to Summer's Book Reviews this is my first book review so sorry if its not very good but ah well might get a few people to read the book.
The book is called ' The Help ' and is by Kathryn Stockett.
Here is a photo of the cover although I sincerely hope you do not judge books by covers.
For Anybody who hasn't heard of the book it is about African-American Maids working in white Households in 1960's Mississippi and is written in the perspective of  the lives of two of the maids ; Ablieen and Minny. And a white woman (Skeeter )who is looking for answers of where her family's maid disappeared to and what happened to her. Ablieen is working for Skeeter's Friend Elizabeth when they meet and they start an unlikely friendship when Skeeter comes to Ablieen about writing a book about the lives of the maids in mississippi Ablieen at first thinks Skeeter to be naive but later realises that something needs to change about the way white people think about the Black in Mississippi and joins Skeeter in writing the book , and helps her get the other maids involved to also share their story. To say this story is Inspiring is a massive understatement but I can't think of many other words that could describe it. Allthough this Subject is a very serious one Stockett manages to make the book mostly carefree and heartwarming and also very funny and witty at certain part. She makes the charecters seem very real and by the end I felt like i knew them myself and would know they would react to any situation. there is also some very scary serious bits but i won't give too much away for those of you who want to read it yourselves and don't want the entire book spilled to you before you read it.
I hope anyone who reads this Review will read this book because i ensure you you won't be disappointed with it , it will leave you feel like change is even possible in the most impossible of situations and anyone can change the world. 
Thank you for reading this review and if anybody wants another review on a certain book just ask and i will read and review it.  

Love ,

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