Friday, 6 January 2012

Book Review : A Walk to remember

Hello again , It's only been a couple of days since my last review but I read quite fast. I finished this book late last night but I didn't have time earlier or last night so I'm writing it now.
Anyway enough about my reading and writing habits and onto the review!
This is the cover:

The Book is A walk to remember by Nicolas Sparks and looking at the cover really doesn't give you any indication of what the book is about so I wouldn't analyse the cover too much or judge it by it's cover because I've read the book and don't even understand the cover.
Anyway onto the book's plot, It starts as Landon Carter at 57 explains that when he was seventeen his life was changed forever and that he is going to tell the story of how it changed. He starts talking about his childhood and his rich family before he gets onto the actual story that he is telling and while this drags on a little it is all relevant later in the story. He then starts explaining about how he chose performing arts in his senior year because he thought it would be easy, this is how he gets into the kind of meeting with Jamie Sullivan. I say kind of because he has known her his whole life but this is the first time he actually has a real conversation with her. She is the ministers daughter, a Minister who Landon and his friends used to call names and pick on him. Despite being misjudged by her peers Jamie doesn't change who she is to fit around other people , he describes her to make her seem like a misfit who wears jumpers and her hair always in a bun but he never says she is ugly and observes that she could be pretty if she tried harder to be. He also explains that she is one of the most giving people you will ever meet and volunteers and an orphanage most weekends.
He takes her to the homecoming dance later in the story only because he has to go because he is class president and doesn't have a date. this starts their friendship and she asks him for a favour to be in a play that her father wrote as a leading roll opposite her. When he accepts they start spending time together and he soon realises that he has unintentionally fallen in love with her.After a while he makes his move and kisses her and tells her the depth of his feelings for her. This is where I have to stop telling you any more because if I keep going I know I will reveal Jamie's secret and ruin the shock of this particular story.
Like all Nicolas sparks books it is so romantic and it pulls you into and tells you mostly everything about the characters from their upbringing to their deepest thoughts and feelings which makes you fall in love with them and the same thing goes for Landon and Jamie. By the time the twist came to the story I was so emotionally attached through the story that for the last half of the story I literally had to have a box of tissues next to me because I cried so much. The Ending was my favourite part of the book because instead of telling you exactly what happened he leaves you to decide for yourself what happened because he says it so one of two things could have happened and you can decide which one you would rather it be.
In a whole this book just made me feel so many emotions and I couldn't put it down after a started the first page. The only reason I put it down was to go to school which may be pathetic to some people but to me it's perfectly normal. I felt every emotion for the characters in the book and That is definitely what I look for in the perfect book.


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