Monday, 2 January 2012

Book Review : Message In a Bottle

Hello, another book review for any one who wants to read it. This is another book review on a Nicolas Sparks novel that I just finished reading so for anyone who is bored of my reviews on Nicolas sparks' novels stop reading now.
This is the Cover Of the Book:

The theme of this book is as the title suggests is Messages in bottles that are sent out to sea. It starts off in the future after the story the book explains has happened with Teresa Osborne - A columnist from Boston - is reliving the last two years. It then goes into the past and shows how the whole story started and how Teresa's life had been turned upside down with one jog in the summer. While she is Jogging on Holiday in cape cod she stumbles across a bottle with a message inside. After she reads it she is so touched by it's content that she shows it to her friend Deanna who Suggests publishing the heartfelt letter from a man named Garrett to a woman named Catherine in her column. They change the names to initials and publish it. Later a reader calls Teresa and explains to her that she has found another letter by the same person and emails it to her , she also finds another letter again by Garrett to Catherine and she is intrigued by finding three heartfelt letters from the same person and finds herself thinking about Garrett and confides in Deanna who helps her track down Garrett and convinces her to go find him she does so and then he asks her to go sailing with him they eventually start a long distance relationship and he bonds with her son - Kevin - and they end up falling in love harder than both of them could have anticipated. but what happens when Garrett finds out what drew Teresa to his small town? and will his undying feelings for Catherine ever subside?

This book really renewed my faith in destiny and as always Nicolas Sparks draws you into the story and makes you believe that everything can really go right for the main characters then right then when you just think everything is going right , everything suddenly goes wrong and you're left feeling sad and losing faith in true love at all , but even if the ending of this book got abit depressing i still loved every part of it and it left me wishing for more!


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