Saturday, 28 January 2012

Book Review: The Boy in the striped pyjamas

Hello people ,
Haven't posted in a while because I've been too busy to read much so I'm still in the middle of the book I am currently reading but I realised that there were some books I read in the past that I haven't reviewed on this blog yet so I thought to cure my writing itch for the day I'll write a review on one of those - the boy in the striped pyjamas , you've all probably heard of the film but this isn't a film review it's a book review. So here goes:
The Cover:
This Book is about a young German boy called Bruno who is growing up in second world war Germany, his father was high up in the Nazis ( what job or person it doesn't tell you) and when the beginning of the holocaust starts Bruno's father is promoted and is sent to live in Poland and work at what Bruno thinks throughout the book is called outwith and isn't shown to be some other famous place until the end of the book. With having no one to play with around 'outwith' apart from his know it all sister bruno sees outwith through his bedroom window and wonders why they are all dressed the same , one day while he's exploring alone he sees a little boy about his age near the fencing of 'outwith' and goes over to talk to him. After talking to him for a while he finds out that he is a jew and they become good friends. within a few months they spend everyday talking at the side of the fence and Bruno sees Shmuel as his best friend no matter how different they are. One day Shmuel says that his father has gone missing inside the camp and Shmuel has looked everywhere and misses him terribly. Bruno agrees that if Shmuel can find striped pyjamas like the ones Shmuel wears for bruno then bruno would come into the camp and help Shmuel to find his father. What will happen when Bruno goes into the camp and what will they find?

This book was compelling and made me cry for hours on end.Unless you have heard of what this book is about you would realise it until right at the end because it is written so sensitivly and from the point of view of bruno - someone who has no idea what is going on- and is written innocently enough for it to be hidden until the end.
I loved this book and I Reconmend it to anyone who wants to make themselves cry a lot.



  1. I saw the movie for this book, and oh did I cry. I was so impacted by this story I got the idea for my current WIP.

  2. The book is so much better! It says the whole thing from Bruno's POV and if you didn't know what it was about , you would have no idea until right at the end!