Saturday, 13 October 2012

Character Interview: Annabelle Darling

So today I'm going to do a character interview with my FMC in my current WIP, she's really sweet so I hope you guys like her as much as I do.

Me: Hello Annabelle It's nice to see you :)
Annabelle: It's Annie... please.
Me : Okay Annie, Nice to see you.
Annie: You too.
Me: Okay now down to the interview.. what's your biggest fear?
Annie: At the moment, that Lorelei ( my daughter) will grow up with her father in prison.
Me: Why's that?
Annie: You know why, you've put Carter in an impossible situation, he didn't do it.. he didn't and now he has a daughter that he's only known about for an hour and he's facing imprisonment... and I'm engaged.
Me: How do you think Carter felt when you told him about your engagement?
Annie: I think he was hurt and I don't blame him, i'm a horrible person but I love Carter... with everything I have.
Me: Why are you engaged to Sam then?
Annie: I think you call it... an engagement of convience but that's not what i wanted... i just needed comforting after Carter left and... Sam was there and he loves me.
Me: But you don't love him.
Annie: I know that... but i guess i could have learnt to, if Carter didn't come back.
Me: Do you think Carter will be a good father?
Annie: Yes, he will Lorelei already loves him so much, it's like she was waiting for her Daddy, and now she's all laughs and smiles when he's there...
Me: Do you like having him back?
Annie: Yes, I love him... and Lorelei needs her father as well as her mother.
Me: Alright that's all i can think of so anything you want to add!

Annie: YES!! Carter John Harper is innocent until proven guilty!!!


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