Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How I get ideas.

This post is way overdue and I apologize for being so distant with blogging but I've had alot going on so.. sorry.
One of the many questions that i get asked when people find out that I write and want to be an Author is how I come up with ideas and sometimes I don't really know myself, my first book was based on someone whose very dear to me (Although it didn't turn out to well.) my second came as a midnight ploy to revise in a way that would interest me, and the one I'm writing now came as a random generater on the internet that gave me a scenario for a first scene ( one i didn't end up using). But some of my short stories have come from little snippets that I've read in articals somewhere or on post secret which is amazing for it because even though some of the secrets are quite scary or strange some are really thought provoking and make you think about the person who wrote it and the thing that they're hiding, i'm going to do an example:


When i read this I picture a character who thought she had everything and that life was always good, she may have looked at the significant adults in her life when she was small ( Parents, family etc.) and thought that they had it all figured out and based her perception of adult life on that, but when she grew up she had to face hardships and people who weren't always honest, maybe somebody used her or conned her out of everything she had, or maybe they just stopped loving her, so she lost her faith in life and love and realised that maybe adult life isn't great and that a child's life is greater.

Have any of you got any ideas?



  1. I get my ideas pretty random sometimes. The story that I am currently working on just came out nothing I guess. I mean it probably came from something, but I can't exactly remember how I got the inspiration.

    I did write a story on some major events of my life, but I never finished that one.

    1. That's the same with me, most of the time it's before I go to sleep and I note them down and think they're going to be amazing but then I wake up and i'm like what the heck was I thinking!