Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blog Tour; Darwin's Children

so another review! this book is another one I got from a blog tour and I really liked it. Here's the cover;
It is a paranormal fantasy book that follows a teenage girl called Jaycie Lerner who is a telepath, empath, and telekinetic and her family who also all have similar powers too. Her father has forced her into private school since up to this point she's been home schooled and her father wants her to gain some normalcy. She gets pysically trained by her 'mother figure' Allison. She very much tries to stay on the outside of social stuff until a strange woman tells her to get a job at a local bookshop and befriend Haley.
There is also a side plot of her romance with best friend Matt but it's not a massive part of the story which I did like because it wasn't a very interesting side plot but it added something to Jaycie's character.
Haley adds a lot to the story and is really my favorite character in this book. She has a lot going on that you get dealt to you in bursts and her dealing with this supernatural world that she's a part of but has never even realised is there before is the best part because mostly I hate it when in all supernatural books when a character finds out about it they don't freak out like most people would or completely deny it exists. This is where I think Haley was extremely realistic and I liked her for this. 
I loved Jaycie's whole family. Epecially her godfather who even though he is a brief visitor his power is super cool and he really cares about Jaycie. 
Allison was really cool too and I liked how she wasn't your typical adult character, she is Jaycie's trainer and has a hell of a lot of power within her. She's really over 90 years old but her power keeps her looking twenty as well as being able to heal quickly, run fast and be super-strong. really she has it all. Plus she goes on dates with a lot of different men which is another thing that is rarely seen in books. Promiscuous men yes. but women no.
I really loved the idea of evalution in this, that evalution isn't finished with humans and is still giving us abilities that aid our survival. I think it's really interesting to think about what that could mean!
So that's that.

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