Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Book Review; Anomaly

So another book review.. I feel like my blog is becoming just book reviews, but I'm in a writing slump so... sorry. I got this book for the blog tour but that does not affect my feelings about this book or anything I say in this review. Here's the cover (which is pretty cool )

This is a christian fiction dystopian which really intrigued me as I haven't actually heard of any christian dystopians before but since I love dystopians I was thrilled to read this. The basic premise is that Thalli lives underground, a nuclear war made the whole earth inhabitable so a group of 10 scientists went under group and started rebuilding the society called The State. They live in pods and at this point in time there are only three generations who were all born out of test tubes and were designed for particular purposes. When the scientists started this society they ruled that it would be without the members of it having many feelings that weren't necessary to their jobs. Which means that Thalli is an anomaly since she does have feelings and is curious about this which she shouldn't question.
I really loved this book, It was the perfect mix of the Christian fiction and the dytopian. The world was really well built and I could picture it all in my head perfectly. The characters were well developed, I loved that Thalli was really trying to hide her feelings from her guardians and I hated how she failed since she'd done it for sixteen years but she was destined to fail at some point. This is really a story of how God will reach the people who let Him in whatever the circumstance. Even in a world where all feelings and religions have been abolished He still finds a way to show himself. 
One thing that really annoyed me about this book was the attempt at a love triangle, it was really disappointing. Since I am a sucker for love I normally relish in a good love triangle but this one seemed forced. It only lasted about 5 chapters before it was resolved and ultimately her choice wasn't surprising and I really felt like it was a worthless effort in the way that ended up. 
I really loved seeing Thalli's friend Rhen who is in charge of the Logic for their pod and doesn't feel things like Thalli does. She really highlighted how different Thailli is from everyone else in her pod. While Thalli is always hiding her feelings out of fear of the scientists, as soon as Rhen gets a common cold she wants to report herself to the monitors who will eventually decide to kill her. She is completely ignorant to the fact that handing herself in will result in her death as even though she knows this will happen she believes that logically it is the safest thing for the rest of the pod.
I liked that instead of Thalli believing in God as soon as she was told about him and just accepting John's word for it she really had to see it for herself. He showed himself to her in little bursts until she felt his presence on her own and couldn't deny Him. 
It's such a different thing to a lot of the Christian fiction I read and to me it is a welcome change to accept popular genres and give them a little twist to make them belong in this genre. I would definitely recommend this book to any one really. As it is a really interesting read that will have you thinking about it after you've finished reading.


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  1. Nice review, Summer! I liked this book as well and look forward to the sequel. :-)