Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Blog Tour; The Dream Metropolis


Time for a blog tour!! So I got the book for review for this blog tour and I really liked it. I didn't love it as much as some other books I've read Lately but I did really like it. Here's the cover;

My explanation of this book might be rubbish but let's go with it. It's a novel set in a dream. Everyone's dream. A company have created this city where people can dream basically it's set in a world where everyone in the city is really asleep and it is all a dream and while they all think they are just dreaming but being given a chance to dream forever they are actually dreaming of real people who are also dreaming along with them. They get kind of skips in dreams and most of them do kind of control the dreams with their thoughts.
It follows quite a lot of characters which at first I thought was It's downfall but as the book went along and you figured out who people really were and their relationships with one another in the dreams and in reality it really became one of the most interesting parts. All the characters that it followed were completely different and very interesting and some of their stories did make me cry a little, especially Abele and Caine :-\ .
I did feel like sometimes we didn't really get to know enough about the world or the characters until the last second. there are still some people that I have no idea what their meaning was in the grand scheme of things. I do have to give this book and author major props for the fact that while inception boggles my mind even after seeing it three or four times I understood all the ins and outs of this dream world as it doesn't try to explain the ins and outs of dreaming and stuff. It gives you the world as it is and doesn't try to make you understand why it is the way it is. 
I loved the reasons why all these people decided that they wanted to dream forever. Like all their reasons for wanting to escape reality ranged from petty reasons that they could get over to big horrible issues that you can understand a person wanting to leave reality behind for. There were stories of people's dreams in the dream city that made me laugh and feel sad at the same time and they were basically really interesting. 
Overall I gave this book 3 Stars because while I wasn't fully engaged in all the characters there were some that I really loved and with as many POVs as there was in this book, I can't blame myself for disliking some of them. but the city itself and all the world building was excellent and I would definitely recommend it!


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