Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Book Review : The Lucky One.

Hello , I haven't reviewed a book in a while because I've been working on my writing instead of my reading because if I want to be a writer I have to practice my writing which is going really well and i have some good research and ideas!

Anyway to the real reason of the blog entry to review another truly heartwarming novel by Nicolas Sparks who is a reason why I want to be a writer so I obviously love his books otherwise He wouldn't be my inspiration to do what I want to with my life anyway.. going off topic again sorry.
This is the cover of the Lucky one

The Book is called 'The Lucky One' and is a romance novel like most of Sparks' books and it completely lives up to the name of romance novels being and compelling story with amazing characters that draw you into the story and make you feel like they are your oldest friends that are telling you about their life.
Just in case you haven't heard of it and want to know what it is about I will write a short synopsis about it here:
It starts of with a freaky guy who is speaking about how he is a police officer and is spying on college girls who are trying to tan naked ( this is what made him really freaky and is a very important thing to remember ) A hiker walks by and catches him and steals his camera that he was using to take pictures of the girls he gives the camera to the girls while he gets a ride with them , we eventually find out that the hikers name is Logan Thibault and he has Trekked across half of the country with his dog , he is a marine from Iraq and while he was in Iraq he found a picture of a blonde girl who was in her twenties shortly after he was almost killed and his friend was convinced that She was his lucky charm and after a few other near death experiences and easy winnings in poker he starts to believe in it too and after his friend was killed by a ore that should have hit him he becomes convinced that his story with the girl in the picture isn't over and he indirectly owes her his life , he decides to track her down using small details from the photo to find out where she is and where she might be at the moment , he eventually tracks her down but nothing goes to plan when he plans to just tell her about the photo and ends up taking a job at her family's dog training place and unintentionaly falls in love with her and she falls in love with him to and he also has a strong relationship with her son and helps her to overcome her ex husbands control over her life , but what happens when she finds out about the photo ? Will it all come tumbling down ?
T   This story to me shows that anythings possible if you put your best effort into it , it shows that being in a war changes even the strongest of people and sometimes things are meant to be and nothing is just a coincidence I love the charecters in this story and the storyline is so different to anyother book I have read , I really would recemend reading this book and all of nicolas spark's other books to 

      If you do plan to read this book i would highly recemend doing it before the new film comes out in april because the books are allways better than the film! 


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