Thursday, 22 December 2011

Book Review : The Best of me.

This is a Book Review on Nicolas Spark's newest novel the Best of me , I'm sorry it took so long after being released for me to review it but I've been waiting for my local library to get it in and they just did two days ago and i couldn't put it down from the first second I started reading it
Here is the Book Cover:

The story is about two young lovers who were separated twenty years ago because of Amanda's parents Dislike for Dawson. Dawson never got over Amanda and spent the last Twenty years alone because he knew he could only truly love Amanda. Amanda Moved on with her life and got married and had 4 children but was devastated by the death of one of them.
After the death of a mentor who took Dawson in during his teen years Amanda and Dawson both make their way to their home town of oriental to pay their respects. when they arrive they are reunited and Amanda feels her feelings for dawson re-emergence from inside her.
They soon realise that their mentor had set it up for them to be able to spend the weekend together prior to his death because he knew that they both belong together.
After spending the weekend together They rekindle their romance and Amanda has a decision to make between her family and the man she'd always loved and was to her the one that got away.
Her Decision is faced by a shock and a twist in events ,that will leave you pining for Dawson and feeling sorry for Amanda.

This Book was an amazing tale of regret and love and how no matter how your life turned out there will allways be something you wished you'd done when it comes down to it. It is a story of neverending loyalty from Dawson as he spends his life living off the memories of what he and Amanda once had.
Like All Nicolas Sparks' books it leaves you wishing for a guy as loyal as Dawson and is such an individual story of true love!
Anyone who loves romance should definatly buy this book or at least read it.

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