Saturday, 24 December 2011

Book Review : Something Borrowed

Hello , here's another book review from me , I just finished reading the sequel to this book and I thought i should do this book review first then do the second one next.
Anyway I will start this review now , this is the book cover:

This book was about an intelligent thirty year old Lawyer -Rachel- who's Best friend -Darcy- has just got engaged to Rachel's law school friend , Dex. On the night of Rachel's 30th Birthday Darcy throws her a huge party but goes home early leaving Dex and Rachel alone , which starts on innocently but leads into them going back to Rachel's apartment and sleeping together behind Darcy's back. this starts their full fledged affair which carries on through the rest of the summer. They start being more than just an affair as they fall in love with each other and Dex Decides to come clean to Darcy right at the end of the book and Darcy has a shocking secret.

This Book shows what real female friendships are about even the best of friends have competition between them it also show's that even in the hardest of situations true love always conquers all. It is a tale of true love and betrayal to even the best of friends and I personally love the realism in this book. I love how Rachel and Darcy are pretty much the opposite of each other as Darcy is Vain and dumb who cares more about social status than love and Rachel is a dreamer who is insecure and intelligent.
This book is good for most types of people and I would read it personally!

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