Monday, 26 December 2011

Book Review : Something Blue

Hello again , this is the review for the squeal to something borrowed ; Something Blue
If you haven't read something borrowed yet stop reading this now because there isn't anyway I can explain what Something Blue is about without telling you the ending to something borrowed. I will try to not divulge much about the first book.
This is the Cover:

This book is from Darcy's point of view which was interesting for me because I heard about her obviously from something borrowed but we never knew much about her other than Rachel's observations and opinons so it was nice to see how she sees herself and the rest of the world. She desperately moves to London to live Ethan after her relationship with Marcus - the father of her unborn child- falls through and all of her friendships disapear because of her obsession with Dex and Rachel's relationship. Soon after she moves to London she realizes that she needs to be less self obsessed to become a better mother to her child , she then meets Geoffrey who is her doctor and tells her that she isn't having the one daughter she wanted but she is having two twin boys. She later starts dating him but they soon break up. with a lot of other things happening this book is filled with drama and somebody trying to be a better person for her child while Darcy starts out as a spoilt PR woman who lives her life going out parting and looking good to her friends , she reforms herself and becomes a generous person who learns to love another more than herself , in her twin boys and her msytery man , I loved reading this book because i found it interesting to figure out the whole thing from the first book from Darcy's point of view as she was having an affair as well, also it was good to really see how vain and self centered she was before she reformed herself.

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