Sunday, 12 August 2012

Book Review: The Hunger Games


To start this post i'm going to do a little bit of bragging about Camp Nanowrimo, I've kept to my daily word count every day and am now up to 19922 words in just 12 days - I'm so proud and i'm really enjoying the experience too. Anyway on to the review. Here's the Cover:

I finished the first of the Hunger games trilogy only about an hour ago and i was so excited that I ran to my nearest Asda's and bought the next two because I couldn't wait till tomorrow to get them! I'm sure all of you already know what it's about but I'll tell you anyway.
When the annual hunger game's reaping day comes Katniss everdeen didn't ever think that her or her little sister would get picked to be tribute but when Prim does get picked even though she only has one entry Katniss wastes no time to volunteer herself in Prim's place, she promises Prim that she will try to win for her and with her fellow Tribute Peeta attempts to get sponsers and survive capitols annual torture.
I seriously could not put this book down, Every time i ficked the page the words made me feel exactly as I imagined Katniss to feel, from the fauxmance to the fear every little bit draws you in and leaves you guessing until the very last page, the will she survive aspect of it keeps the suspence going until the last chapter and leaves you wanting to read the next book!
I would 100% recomend this book and I really could not say anything bad about it.


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