Monday, 13 August 2012

The Game of Elevens


Sarah Olson tagged me in this post at her blog ( to see her blog click here) so now i get to answer some questions:)

Game Rules:

1) post these rules
2) Round One: post 11 random facts about yourself
3) Round Two: answer the questions from the previous poster you were tagged by
4) Round Three: Post 11 new questions for the peoples to answer
5) Don't forget to tag them
6) Go to their blogs and tell them they've been tagged, and it is their job to continue the post :)

Round one:

1. I am English.
2. Reading and Writing are my favorite past times in the world, my boyfriend says that while regular people get a rush of adrenaline from being reckless, i get it from being safe and reading or writing about people being reckless!
3. Some people regard me as being a nerd, i say that i'm just cautious and like learning new things.
4. I remember weird facts about things for example did you know that Christmas was moved from the spring to December so it could be joined with the pagan festival of winter solstice
5. I plan to move to America ( Preferably New York) when i turn 19 but i will be taking with me a full suitcase of our chocolate ( Sorry to offend any of my American followers) but your chocolate really sucks compared to ours!
6. I would cry if i got anything less than a B in any of my GCSE's
7. I have teeny tiny feet!( can you tell that i'm running out of things?)
8. I am amazed by history and biology but i have no idea why.
9.How I met your mother and big bang theory are my favorite T.V shows.
10. I like using big complicated words rather than tiny simple ones.
11. I can't think of one so i'm very small! 

Round three ( I'm not doing Round 2 because i don't know anyone to tag)
Sarah's Questions:
  1. If adventure beckoned, would you accept gladly or decline the offer?                                                                  I'm a wuss so i'd probally say I would decline
  2. Take this test: and tell which personality type you are and why.                                                                                                                      
    ESFJ - "Seller". Most sociable of all types. Nurturer of harmony. Outstanding host or hostesses. 12.3% of total population.
    but i have no idea why sorry:(
  3. Do you judge based on fairness or feeling?                                                                             I like to think both but probably more feeling
  4. Are you intuitive (follow your gut feeling and inner self) or sensing (follow your senses to what is logical)?                                                                                                                                        Sensing
  5. What do you want to be as an adult and why?                                                                                 Well in a perfect world i'd make a living as an Author but Author/Journalist will do:)
  6. If you had to choose when you die, when would it be?                                                               When i'm old and have lived a long and happy life:)
  7. After you choose when, how would you prefer to die (gosh, this is morbid of me...maybe I AM crazy!) D:                                                                                                                           In any painless way... i hate pain:(
  8. What is your favorite mythological creature?                                                                               Unicorn! ( which is weird as i'm scared of horses...hmmm)
  9. Do you have a unique talent or feature? What is it and do you like it?                                         I don't know, i guess writing could class and if it does then i love it.
  10. Are you excited to make up your own questions? (It's harder than it looks)                                                        No i'm really not, i can't think
  11. If you could have your 15 minutes of fame, what would it be for?                                                    Writing a bestselling book:)

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