Thursday, 6 September 2012

Book Review : Mocking Jay

I finished Mocking jay about a week ago but i had other things ready to post so i didn't post this until today:) This may contain spoilers if you haven't read the first two books - you have been warned - I've already explained how much I love the Hunger games trilogy in the first two posts that I did on these books, but I'm going to say this one statement; This is my new favorite series!!

Here's the cover:

So Katniss has been lifted out of the 64th hunger game's arena by the rebels and has been informed of a plan that she and Peeta were both a part of but had no idea that it was going on, if this wasn't bad enough Peeta has been taken into the clutches of the Capitol so that she could become the rebel's mocking jay, All she wants to do is to save Peeta and her family but to do that she will have to agree to help the Rebels for their co-operation to save Peeta, from the horrible torture he is being issued in Capitol.
This book was definatly my favorite in the series and the ending is well... to die for! I couldn't have wished for a better ending to it! It was compelling until the very end and Everything that happened was shocking until the last word, it is defiantly a recommended book!( Harry if you're reading this, I am not obsessed with the Hunger games it is just an amazing book) and I am actually sad that i finished this, now I need to read it again!
By the way i completed Camp Nano!! Here's my winners button!


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