Sunday, 9 September 2012

Guest post from Harvey Hertz!

Hello Blogger people, not that I really know what a blogger is but that's what Summer said it's called so I'll just trust her. Summer asked me to do a guest post but I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be talking about and she doesn't know any Interview questions for me so I guess I'll just talk about my life at the moment.
I live in 1944, I used to be a Nazi spy until... Well until a couple of months ago when I discovered the error of their ways, some people may think it's a little fickle that as soon as I met Elsie I gave up all my loyalty to the Nazis but that's not all that happened, Elsie was just the catalyst for something that had been brewing for a while, but if I'm honest I haven't exactly been a great person since I met Elsie anyway, I've probably broken at least half of the ten commandments, hey that's interesting let's see if i have:

Well the murdering one I have defiantly broken that, I have stolen, I have used god's name in vain ( after I got a stern word from Elsie for it) , I have not kept the Sabbath holy , I nearly killed my father ( Years before I met Elsie though.) so that's not being completly respectful, and I have been envious of everyone that has an easy life and doesn't have to hide their engagement from anyone and lastly I told the Gestapo that Josef was helping Jews and that's why I murdered him , that's seven so yes I was right.
But even if I have done all these things, I did them all to protect somebody and if my actions saved people's lives, I think god can overlook some little indiscretions, some aren't so little but they were all for the greater good.
Right now I'm paying for it all  anyway - My fiancee is pregnant and stuck in a death camp and after being stuck as a prisoner myself for a few months, I'm pretending to have turned back to the Nazis and have been employed as a guard, the guard who has to punish Elsie, and other women. - I'm trying my best to figure out the best way to save her from the camp before our baby is born, but my mind keeps drawing a blank, it seems that now I can only think straight when Elsie isn't in grave danger, I guess I'm not as good under pressure as I thought I was but I'm going to have to get better at it if I want to save her soon, which I obviously do because if any of the other Nazi guards try to get their hands on her one more time, I will murder them and add that to my list of sins that I need to make up for after this whole thing is over.
Well I'm going to go brainstorm for more ways to save Else, wish me luck!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about Harvey's life since I couldn't think of a post, he's one of my favorite characters and is great to talk to ( Yes i talk to my characters but that doesn't make me crazy.) If anyone has any questions for Harvey he would love to answer them
+ Harvey!x

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