Monday, 3 September 2012

Characters combined :)

I have just taken part in Bethany's ( See her blog here) new prompt thing and have partnered up with Katelyn ( Her blog here), I used Harvey who is my character from my Nazi Germany WIP and Katelyn used her character Guinevere, so here's how their interaction went:

Harvey walks slowly into the funfair, his head swinging in every direction searching for someone. (Me)
     Guinevere glared at him. "Who are you searching for? Shouldn't you be explaining to me exactly what all of this," she gestured to the carts and rides, "is?" ( Katelyn)
     "The SS, they'll be here soon... they always are, and these are rides, they're for thrill and enjoyment for most people..." he stared at her while secretly thinking that she must be crazy or has suffered a recent blow to the head. (Me)
     Guinevere's forehead wrinkled as her brows pushed towards each other. "Well, why are all of these . . ." she wrinkled her nose, "people . . . dressed like they are? Do they not know how improper it is to be seen in one's nightclothes? Why are these women wearing trousers?" She folded her arms and glared even harder at him. ( Katelyn)
     "Are you alright, do you need to see a doctor or something?" Harvey puts his hand on Guinevere's shoulder, his eyes widen with concern for the obviously confused young woman. (Me)
     Guinevere jerked away from him. "Do not touch me again! I am betrothed, and it is--" she stopped. "Oh, never mind. No, I do not need to see a physician. Why would I?" ( Katelyn)
     "I was only trying to help i wasn't trying anything i'm engaged so i wouldn't , you're a little touchy aren't you?" (Me)
     Guinevere tossed her hair, which was coming undone from its pins. "No, I am not. I just do not understand your . . . society's . . . ways. You are not at all like my home. How did I even get here?" (  Katelyn)
    "You talk rather posh, has anyone ever told you that?" Harvey quickly realises that he may have offended her and thinks of a way to answer her question without riling her "but i don't know how you got here, you started a conversation with me remember?" (Me)
    Guinevere's emerald eyes widened. "Of course I speak poshly. Do you expect me to speak like a common servant?" She frowned. "Wait, I did not start a conversation with you. I was speaking to Marc and then suddenly, you were here." ( Katelyn)
      "You have servants? I don't think your Marc is here because I can't see any other guy here who's" He looks her up and down with a look of confused "Dressed as extravagantly as you are." (Me)
     "My Marc? Oh, no, you've misunderstood. Marc is just a . . . friend. And of course I have servants! What family worth its name would not have servants? Truly, you speak of me as if I am some common person." She sighed as if this were a great injustice. ( Katelyn)
     "I don't have any servants, and I've never met anyone who has servants. I don't see that as a bad thing, it means we can be self-sufficient" (Me)
     Guinevere frowned. "I am in the company of a . . . a . . . commoner. Who exactly are you, Mr. . . . Um, I do not believe I've gotten your name." ( Katelyn)
     "Harvey, Harvey Hertz, and I am technically a spy for the Gestapo, although i have technically committed a form of treason against them." A moment after revealing all this a look of fear spreads across Harvey's face "You didn't hear any of that okay?" He starts talking to himself "Oh god what have I just done? - Where has Else gotten to?... She's going to kill me" (Me)
     Guinevere blinked. "I see . . . well, after I get home I won't have to even think of you again. But . . . um . . . do you mind if I ask what a Gestapo is?" ( Katelyn)
   "Maybe it's alright that I told you anyway, you seem completely mentally unstable." (Me)
     Guinevere's eyes narrowed. "I beg your pardon? You must not know who I am." ( Katelyn)
     "I actually don't, you never told me your name and you don't look in any way familiar." Harvey tries to place her while tapping his small walking stick on the ground "Why should I know you?" (Me)
     Guinevere rolled her eyes. "Everyone knows the Montgomerys. Everyone. You must be from some kind of undeveloped country." She looked him over. "Yes, you could definitely use the touch of the English." She continued walked, her chin raised high. ( Katelyn)
     "Yeah, i could use the English to defeat us soon, that would improve my life drastically" He whispered to himself "anyway good luck getting back to England with the war on." (Me)
     Guinevere spun around. "War? What war? I . . . I only left home a few months ago. There was no mention of war!" ( Katelyn)
     "The war's been on for years already, you must have run into trouble getting into Germany." (Me)
     She blinked a few times. "What? I . . . I do not remember coming to Germany. I was in Switzerland! In Geneva! How . . . how did I get in Germany?" ( Katelyn)
    "How is Switzerland right now? Me and Elsie are thinking about Escaping there, but if it's as bad as here then we'll find somewhere else" He walks closer to her and talks fast excited to have more information for his plans. (Me)
     Guinevere put a hand to her heart. "Well, it was fine when I was there. Snowy." She looked behind her. "Um, are those the men who you were waiting for? They look quite . . . menacing."
( Katelyn)
     "I wasn't waiting for them, I was making sure they weren't here." He looks around frantically for an escape route. "I need you to pretend to be my fiancee just for a minute to save my real fiancee's life please?" He asks her despratly while putting his hands together and begging her for her help. (Me)
     Guinevere looked behind her again, fear showing on her face. "Fine, fine. You understand, under normal circumstances I would never allow this, but . . ." She clasped his hand and smiled. To those passing by, they looked like a normal couple out for a stroll. ( Katelyn)
     Harvey tries to mask his nervousness the best he can, his hand was shaking in hers until they were out of the sight of the SS "Thank you for that, I will never be able to repay you." (Me)
     Guinevere looked surprised. "Of course. I may be a social snob, but I would never do anything that could result in harm to a person's life." ( Katelyn)
     "Wow, there are still decent strangers in the world... I was starting to doubt there were any kind hearted people left, besides Elsie and my sister." (Me)
      Guinevere's smile was genuine. "Yes, I would have to agree. I know very little people who actually care for more than their dresses and hair." She frowned. "Not that I know your sister and . . . Elsie." ( Katelyn)
     "How about to repay you a little, i pay for you to ride on the big wheel? - since you seem to have never seen anything like rides." (Me)
     Guinevere shrugged. "Sure. I must admit that I find it captivating." ( Katelyn)
     He leads her to the queue for the ride "I'm surprised that they didn't find you the tiniest bit odd, with that dress on, you look like you're off to a ball not on fairground rides." (Me)
     Guinevere grinned, and then covered her mouth. "Oh, but I was off to a ball, with Marc as a chaperone, of sorts." ( Katelyn )
     "Is Marc the just friend or the one you are 'betrothed' to?" Harvey said slightly mocking her. (Me)
     Guinevere seemed to pout. "Well, it is a bit complicated. I am betrothed to a man named Gilbert. But Marc is a . . . well, I believe he is who my family wants me to marry." She shrugged again. ( Katelyn)
     "So you love Gilbert but your family don't approve, I wish my life were that uncomplicated." He said trying not to sound as annoyed as he felt at her life. (Me)
    Guinevere glared at him. "I do not believe you understand. But, then again, it is none of your business." She strode ahead, shoulders pushed back and head held high. ( Katelyn)
     "Okay, I'm sorry. I guess stress and anger get to me more than i thought, i'm sure your situation is very difficult and complicated, but at least have your go on the big wheel before you leave all angry." He said quickly "You did save my Fiancee's life after all." (Me)
      Guinevere sighed. "Yes, I am sorry as well. I get carried away. I was just thinking about . . . oh, never mind." She waved her hand through the air. "Oh look, it seems to be my turn to go up on the wheel thing." ( Katelyn)
     He laughs at her " Good luck, i'm sure you won't throw up" He says handing the man a few riechmarks (Me)
     She stared at the strange currency and narrowed her eyes. "I suppose I should not even ask." She climbed into the wheel's seat and arranged her skirts. ( Katelyn)
     He rolled his eyes while rethinking whether or not she really is crazy. (Me)

I had alot of fun doing this with Katelyn, I loved how Guinevere helped Harvey, I was like awww! 


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