Thursday, 1 August 2013

Book Review; Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief.

I finally understand all the hype. I loved this book. Here's the cover I have;

Yes it's the movie cover but it was 50p so I really don't care. So for those of you who don't know what the Percy Jackson and the olympians series is then you really should read it. It follows Percy Jackson a twelve year old boy who has been kicked out of 6 schools in 6 years, has been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. Then he gets attacked by his maths teacher/ a fury and boom! He finds out he's the son of a greek god. One of the big three; Poseidon to be precise. So to keep him safe he has to be shipped off to Camp Half-blood for the summer in order to make sure that monsters don't try and kill him. Which they do anyway but ah well. There are lots of other Demi-gods and it's really complicated like all the children of one greek god like in the same cabin at the camp and fight competitions together as a team. Since Percy is the only living son of Poseidon he's all alone. but everyone there is kind of his cousins. Told you it's complicated. 
I loved how all the green myths were weaved seamlessly into the mortal reality. The explanation of the mist causing humans to see events that were really work of the gods as terrorist attacks or wars against one country with another (it explains that the world wars were basically demi-gods against demi-gods) and all the feuds against the different gods like Annabeth who is one of Percy's best friends and the daughter of Athena, feels like she is supposed to hate Percy because Poseidon and Athena have a bit of a feud is really funny.
I loved how all the Demi-gods had parts of their parents in them. Like they would do things and Percy would say that he could see why they were the god of wars children for example. I kind of hated the gods. I know they have a lot to do but they are real jerks. They use the Demi-gods for quests because the only explanation I can see is that they're too lazy to do the jobs themselves and they feel the quests are beneath them. Poseidon claims Percy as his son only because he wants this quest doing by Percy otherwise he wouldn't have even bothered. so all the Demi-gods are a little bitter and don't really care much for their god parents. and I don't blame them. I loved that you don't really have to know much about greek mythology to get it. You need to know some of the gods maybe and that's it. otherwise we learn it along with Percy (from mostly Annabeth and Grover) or Percy teaches us it. which for a middle grade book I loved because If i was nine I would have loved learning about the greeks with Percy rather than from boring teachers at school. This is an excellent book for fans of harry potter I think. From what I can tell the series runs like harry potter does. each book starts at the beginning of Summer at camp half blood with Percy a year older and the themes in the book also being suitable for kids who are a year older. and You have to learn about the world of the olympians along with Percy just like with the wizarding world with harry. But by the end of the series I hope to be an expert! I will buy all the other book in this series! but I did not like the film I would have liked it if it wasn't tied to the book but it was extremely loosely based on this book and I hate adaptations that are loosely based, it irritates me. So video review to be posted here soon;


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