Monday, 19 August 2013

Book Review; Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters

I LOVE PERCY! God this world is just amazing. here's the cover;
So Percy is thrown into another adventure along with Annabeth. Groover has been kidnapped and Thalia's tree is dying. the only way to save them both is for Percy and Annabeth to retrieve the golden fleece from the sea of monsters. As with the first book they go through a lot of dramatic battles with monsters which all make me think how scared I'd be if I was a 9 year old reading these books.
I love this world. I love all the gods and half bloods and everything about camp half blood. and I love Rick Riordan's style. Percy has such a distinct and funny voice that the whole book even in tense parts he had me laughing at the things he'd think of. I loved Annabeth's curiosity in this book and I really think she developed well but my favorite character has to be Tyson. He is a cyclops who at the beguinning of the book is just a huge guy who Percy goes to school with but later in Camp half blood Percy discovers he is a cyclops and is also a son of poseidon. but because he is young but looks older as he is a cyclops. he is very touchy and cute but he's so protective and loving of Percy even though through the entire first half Percy hates having Tyson as his brother and thinks Poseidon is trying to make him feel bad. I loved how absent Poseidon was because I think even though he did send things for Percy and Tyson he didn't really do much, like Hermes helped Percy out the most and that was just in order to help out his son Luke. I really loved Hermes and his snakes as well they were the coolest. Anyway read this book


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