Sunday, 12 May 2013

Book Review: The revised life of Ellie Sweet.

Now another Playlist fiction installment. I have to say this book is the reason I signed up to be on the street team, I would have bought it anyway but either way I would have had to read it. ( Although it was made difficult by Harry's attempts to get me to speak to him when he was round; because I'm the bad girlfriend who sits and reads rather than talks to him :P) Stephanie Morrill is really an amazing writer (Reminds me that I need to post my review of me, just different too :P) and she runs GoTeenWriters which makes her even better! So to the book!

Blurb - 
When ousted by her lifelong friends, teen writer Ellie Sweet takes to story writing as self-therapy. She casts herself as Lady Gabrielle, a favorite in the medieval Italian court, her ex-friends as her catty rivals, and makes a pesky rake of the boy who thinks he’s too good for her in real life. But when Ellie achieves the impossible and her “coping mechanism” becomes a published novel, she faces the consequences of using her pen as her sword.

Seriously when reading this all I could think is how much I want to be Ellie! but she's so relatable (at least to teen writers i assume) and all I could do was shout at my kindle that she should just start dating Chase! and now I've finished it and it's left me feeling strangely upbeat. I think the epilogue was my favorite part, because I could really picture that happening to me (Read it to get it :P ) and everything she said I found myself agreeing with Ellie on everything. Apart from with Palmer.
I loved this book alot, and even though it took me a while to read (thanks harry) it was worth it! Definitely another to recomend.

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  1. Beautiful review! Stephanie knows teen writers so well and it came through in this book. I can imagine it resonates with you perfectly!