Monday, 27 May 2013

Book Review; The Fault in our stars.

I finished this book in one day! That's how good it is. I spent all day at my boyfriend's house ignoring him to read this. He was cooking the BBQ so I was excused to fall into Hazel's world for a while, and then talking to him about what was happening, he doesn't care really, he just mumbles stuff that he thinks he's supposed to say or listens while I talk about what something does or doesn't mean.

I'm sure most of you have heard of this and/or John Green. and I have to say after reading this and Looking For Alaska, John Green is a cruel but excellent writer. and aren't all writer's cruel. I spent the whole time reading this whingeing about what I'd already guessed was going to happen. but even though I knew it was going to happen at some point I still begged it not to happen. I fell completely in love with Augustus just like Hazel (Slowly, then all at once). I love how John Green's own opinions on life come through both of them, at least I think they do. and it really made me think about oblivion and death. Which is always good when you read a book! Although after reading two of his books I think that since in LFA he said that writing about death was a sign of someone being suicidal we should all be very worried about John Green (and writers in general probably). I loved all the romance in it, and how Hazel fought with falling in love for so long. and I'm trying really really hard to not give anything away. I'm starting to get the feeling that John Green is one of the most quotable writers I've ever read. (Some Infinities are bigger than other Infinities) and I can see myself accidentally quoting this book and getting people annoyed at me, I'm going to try not to do that. Plus there's a really funny joke about a picture on a T-shirt (Which Harry didn't get and thought I was weird for laughing at it so much). Read this book! It'll change your life. (You can't just make me different then leave - LFA) :)

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