Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Write what you know?

Today I'm going to talk about what I think is common advice that writers hear, and if I'm honest I'd never take it. I know nothing about anything whatsoever. I write Romance when I've never been in half the situations my characters are in. I write about death and mourning when I've only experienced mourning once. I write about domestic violence and I thank god I've never experienced that.I think that it is good advice in theory, if a writer can possibly experience everything that can ever happen to a character. but we cannot and since my life is pretty dull I would never sell any of my work if all I wrote about is what I've been through and/or know about life.Because let's be honest, I'm sixteen. I've never been drunk, and I spend most of my free time writing and reading. I don't think I've ever even been to a party where I've even been offered alcohol. My life's pretty bland and not something I'd want to write a book about (Although Ellie Sweet certainly was amazing at being interesting while still showing a writer's life). 
I think in some ways we should draw from our own experinces for example I wrote this in one of my WIPs;

“You know, I come here to write all the time… it’s weird that I never ever noticed that they sell cakes” she laughed

which is something I've kind of done, I write in my own room and didn't notice that my sister had put up a new poster on the wall next to where I write, and when I write on the bus I never notice when someone comes on and sits down. I love it that I can relate myself in characters and I love doing the same with people in my life another example is in another WIP of mine ; 

“What’s up with the cheeks Rosy?” he pokes my cheek and laughs.
This is something Harry does to me all the time, whenever I'm embarrassed or for some reason my cheeks go red ( which happens quite frequently) he always without fail calls me Rosy and laughs at me, and because I think that's an adorable characteristic in a boyfriend I gave Ryan that line in Aurelia and Ryan's WIP (A new unmentioned WIP) Anyway enough stupid writer thoughts!


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