Sunday, 30 June 2013

Book Review; Matched

I know it's only been what 2 days? since I last posted but I finished Matched today!! I went to my aunties which is about 2 hours away in the prettiest countryside ever and I read the end of this! Wow! The ending blew my mind! I wasn't sure going into this because I had heard a few bad and mixed reviews about it, but whenever I start a book I try to be completely impartial and I think I succeeded because I loved it. Here's the cover;

So the premise is that a girl called Cassia lives in a time where the 'society' runs everything about a person's lives from even before they are born. When people turn 17 (as Cassia does in the opening of the book) they attend their matching banquet where they will see who has been chosen for them to marry (They don't really have much choice). Cassia has been excited for this forever, she gets matched with Xander (her childhood bestfriend) the odds of her being paired with someone she already knows is minuscule and it being her best friend is even smaller. But she's shocked when not only Xander turns up on the screen but so does another boy she knows ; Ky.
At first glance of the blurb I really thought this whole book was going to be a big love triangle (Twilight style) and it'd be Cassia trying to decide but it's not at all what I thought, She spends most of her time with one of the boys (No spoilers here!) and kind of ignores or forgets the other one exists. She does find herself at odds with what kind of life she wants (The one she's supposed to have with Xander or the one she could have if she had any choice with Ky). The world Condie has built is marvelous. and I loved the kind of government thing that Cassia gets to realise towards the end of this book, she does start to realise how much the government is controlling the citizens which is beyond anything she could imagine. The 'Society' matches people based on the type of children they would provide the 'Society' as a whole. and the teenagers can eaither marry that person or no one at all. But one thing that got to me at the end of it was that it did feel a little like this book was written to set up the story for the rest of the trilogy which I know happens in every triliogy but it still seems pointless to me :P 
I loved the whole '100 things' thing. By this I will explain. In the 'Society' they decided that people couldn't enjoy great things when everything in culture is so cluttered. So the 100 committee chose 100 books, 100 poems, 100 songs etc.. and burnt the rest. The thought of burning books makes me very very sad!! I loved the romance in  this as it's refreshing but not like she's constantly deciding who she's going to be with. At some points I did get a little annoyed at her for being a loon at times to one of the boys but she's still completely lovely most of the time to both of them because she truly doesn't want to hurt either! 
Well I think I'm going to stop now before I give the storyline away. I think the ending was shocking as hell and I cannot wait to get crossed after I finish my to-read pile which at the moment is;
Across the universe, the virgin suicides, and beautiful creatures.



  1. I loved this book. It so hooked me!!

    1. Same! Can't wait to read the next one!

  2. Great review, I actually heard qutie some negative comments on the series over all, glad you liked it!

    1. I've heard negative things too but I absolutely loved it defiantly worth a try!