Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Trying to decide on a sequel;

Well hello,
recently I'm getting to the end of my recent WIP Jason and Sabrina which I don't actually have a title for (if anyone's good at titles I'd love to talk to you if you had any ideas :P ) and I've made the decision on how to end it and start a sequel which is something I've never done before. It's never been a thought of mine to have books that run on from each and while I love reading sequels I've never felt the need to write one. But now I've firmly made the decision although it was difficult. Here's how I personally made the choice:

1. I asked myself about the development of my characters-
Are they who they need to be yet? Has the reader heard enough back story to understand some of the main characters? Could they continue on some different or similar journey in order to change even more? Do I have more ideas for them?
2. I asked myself how much I enjoyed writing their story and them. Because I absolutely love Jason and Sabrina and all their supporting characters I felt like I can write more about them and enjoy it further. 
3. I asked myself if the sequel is necessary to how I am ending it? Have you left it on a cliffhanger? is that meant to be for ambiguity or for suspense? Would any change on them be forced or natural?
4. I asked myself If I am invested in their story enough to spend the time it would take to edit this WIP and write the sequel at the same time as life is still going on.
5. I brainstormed in my head and on paper what the sequel would entail. and if I'm honest once I had the idea I really started to be inspired about it and made me even more sure.
6. I asked if there were any things left at the end that I could bring out in the sequel and if i'm honest there are a lot of ideas that I originally intended to be massive themes in the story and have faded in to the background, I think that I can bring them out more in the sequel and in edits. 
7. I did try and write a sample paragraph. even though I haven't actually finished the first one, and that gave me a feel for how it would go and really topped off everything else that I already was thinking made this a good idea.

So I don't know if this has been helpful or not but I wanted to share it anyway. 

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