Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nearing the end;

I wanted to do a post today on nearing the end of a novel, especially when like in my case you already have a sequel planned out in your head that you're dying to get written down. As you can see if you look on my side bar over ---> that way. I am about (at the moment of writing this post) 95.35% finished with my novel, Love's sweet curse. And I'm dying to get to the end, to show what I need to and get it all on the page, all ready for editing. but now that I really want to finish it just won't come out. and at first I thought that it's because I'm so attached to the characters in this book that I don't want it to end but then I remembered the small fact that I am planning on writing them into another book and so it's not separating myself from them that's the problem. 
I think the problem is that the writing part of the first book is almost over. and the writing part is my favorite part, I absolutely hate editing and even though some writers love polishing their work to it's best, I hate changing things that in my head really happened to the characters. I know it needs to be done to make the story the best it can be but I hate that it comes at that cost. I also just love writing, I love the ideas flowing easily from my mind onto the page and being able to be completely free with what I want to happen (partially, until characters want to control their own destiny). and I think one problem is I love my stories way way too much.
Like Stephen King said "revising a story down to the bare essentials is always a little like murdering children, but it must be done.”
 Although I'm rubbish at it, it's something I have to learn to do in order to achieve everything I want, because no editor or agent is going to look at my barely edited first draft and think it's magnificent. They're going to think maybe it has potential if a lot of it was changed.
I'm kind of scared of editing as well, I don't really want my first draft to change to a point where it isn't even recognisable as the same story, because that'd just break my heart. because I do think Jason and Sabrina have a good story to tell, and I love their story. I've never written anything that's as tragic as they are, because whenever they think they're alright for a little while it all blows up in their faces. and the two of them as a couple just can't seem to catch a break. but they love each other, and for them, love's all that matters.


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