Friday, 28 June 2013

Book Review ; Uglies

Right so, I just finished one hugely reviewed books that I have only heard great things about; Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I have noticed recently that I am changing my reading habits, since a lot of my to read books are eaither dystopian, SiFi or YA where as when I started this blog a lot of my books were romance which I haven't read in a while I don't think :P 
Anyway here's the cover that I've got which isn't the most common or recent one but it's just the one I got sent when I ordered it.;

So my review; I first want to say that I absolutely love this book! I got it on wednesday and if I hadn't had college taster days I would have finished it yesterday! because I just devoured it so easilly. It was really quick to get into since unlike a lot of Dystopian novels Westerfeld didn't start the book with a lot of world building and no actual content, which I think is great as we got to know the world as we followed Tally around it. In case you don't know the book is set in the future where everyone is born an uglie and once you turn 16 you undergo major surgury in order to become a pretty. Tally is just a regular girl in this world who is so ethusicastic about becoming pretty, in the beguinning until she meets her friend Shay she's just annoyed that her birthday is so later than her best friend Perises, who by the way annoyed me because other than to be a common thing between Shay and Tally since they're both alone I don't see the point of him other than to push Tally to do things that she wouldn't have done without him. but Maybe he features more in the other books in the trilogy. So as an ugly Tally is rebelious and plays cool tricks and stuff. and Shay teaches her how to HOVERBOARD!! that's so cool! But I loved how the technoloegey that this world has is aboslutely amazing and futuristic like in a lot of other books set in the future but it isn't without flaws. for example the hoverboards need to constantly be near metal so flying them outside the city is somewhat difficult for Tally and Shay. I love that not every bit of technolegy is perfect like it would seem. I just loved the premise of this book really. I thought the characters were all really interesting. Tally was a typical teenager (including me) she didn't really understand until it was shoved in her face what was happening, she really wanted to be a pretty but she didn't want to betray Shay and the Smokies, really she didn't know what was going on or what she was going to do about it until she had to do something. I liked Shay because she was more forward thinking and really saw what the operation did to people even before they had had it. Like that it made them feel bad about themselves because of their branding of 'uglies'. But my favorite character has to be David, who I won't tell you much about because he's not mentioned in the synopsis or anything but I'll just say he's different to everyone else in the book and I love him! Even though he's an Uglie I still think he's adorable just the way he is around Tally. Another thing I loved was the classification names, like children are called littlies, teens are Uglies, pre-ops are Pretties, middle aged people are Middle Pretties and old people are Crumblies (How cute it that!) it did really make things a lot clearer. But one thing that confused me the whole way through although it wasn't a massive deal to the plot or anything was how families work in this world. From what I understand children don't live with their parents, only on school breaks. They live in their parts of the city which are classified by which group you are in. Tally doesn't even call her parents mum (or mom) and dad, she calls them Ellie and Sol. and she's surprised at David's family when he does call his parents mum and dad. She's also even surprised that David looks like his father (sorry if that's a spoiler about David ). It did confuse me why families were split up like that but since Tally's parents aren't there an awful lot it didn't really effect how I understood the book as a whole. Another thing I loved was the stuff that Tally saw from the rusties who were from the olden times which I suspect is about where we are in time now. There were stuff like rollarcoasters which she had no idea what they were for and she thought that the traintracks were the same as the rollarcoasters but boring since they were just straight, she also saw what we know is a helicopter but she thinks it's some sort of weird hovercar with blades that can fly anywhere without metal, I thought it was funny to know what it was but see it from a view of someone with no idea. Also even though I can't remember there being all that much description but I can picture the whole place in my head easily!Now I can't wait to get pretties!!!


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