Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Book Review; An Abundance Of Katherines

So this is a book review of my third John Green book which is An Abundance of Katherines. and I still love John Green! Here's the cover I have;

So in short this book is about Colin ; a child prodigy who believes he will never be a genius, who suffered through bullies, memorised languages, and dated 19 girls named Katherine. Oh and also highly enjoys anagraming. The book starts when he has just been dumped by Katherine-19. He's moping around and his best friend Hassan can't deal with it anymore so he suggests they go on a road trip, and so that's exactly what they do. and they end up in Gutshot Texas, living with a woman named Hollis and her daughter Lindsey (Who is dating TOC - the other Colin-). and it's basically about him getting over K-19 and also coming up with this theorem to predict everything about the relationship between two people. for example he thinks he can predict how long the relationship will last and who will be the dumper and dumpee.
I think it was really intereting reading this after I've been watching John Green's vlogs for a while, because with the other two books if John's voice was there I couldn't hear it. but with this one I really got a sense of him on every page. Colin says things that John's said in his videos and he has little footnotes where he shares little facts that come up in the story and stuff. I loved Colin's intelligence, and how he thinks that other people won't find him interesting. I loved the secondary characters too, Lindsey was a strong woman who actually has a lot of problems inside. I loved Hassan and his battle with his religion and being chubby. and I hated TOC! He wasn't nice.
I also liked learning about the Katherines that Colin has dated and how his 'type' started off.
Anyway I can't think of much more to say :P Video review will be posted below once it's up.


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