Sunday, 7 July 2013

Novella review ; As they slip away.

Hey! so since I read Across the universe and finished it straight afterwards I started on the free Novella prequel as they slip away. here's the ebook cover (It's only 48 pages so not available in paperback)

Which I hate because it's the stupid cover redesign! here's the bluby thing;
Taking place on the spaceship Godspeed before Amy Martin wakes up and Elder takes leadership, this novella describes life at the Hospital during Eldest's reign. Focusing primarily on background characters, readers will see fan-favorite characters Harley, Orion, Victria, and more.

Selene is a singer on a spaceship that only values people who can provide important skills that enhance survival. As her friends--fellow "loons" in the Hospital--start to join apprenticeships to turn their skills into valuable labor, Selene is sent with a handful of other students to learn about the importance of art from the Recorder, Orion. The assignment pairs her with a young sculptor, Luthor, and their dangerous romance proves just how terrifying living trapped on a spaceship under the rule of a heartless dictator could be. 

This tragic tale explores the background of a previously unknown character, linking the history of the ship and its residents to Amy and Elder, giving depth to the world of Godspeed

So I loved that this Novella followed a very very minor character as the POV character, Selene was literally some woman who inoculates rabbits who talks to Amy for like five minutes and that is the only time she is featured in Across the Universe, but her background is so easy to understand and link in with Amy. It starts with the scene that has Amy in it talking to Selene about the rabbits but then flashes back to i think 6 years ago before Elder has moved to the hospital and before Amy is woken up. It features more about other characters such as Harley and lets you see into mentioned characters who were not around for Across the Universe like Kayleigh. It also taught you more about Luthe who is horrible to both Amy and Selene. The ending was so horrible and I saw how it linked in with Amy which made it even sadder. 


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