Monday, 22 July 2013

Book Review; Crossed.

So since this review is of a sequel there will be spoilers for Matched! I was really excited to get this book in the post after I finished Matched and it finally came a couple of days ago. Here's the cover;

Crossed starts a few months after Matched finished, Cassia is in a work camp and Ky is in the outer provinces to fight. It is told from both points of view with one chapter from Cassia then the next from Ky. I thought at first it was really interesting to have both points of view but once they reunited (Not sure if that's a spoiler) it was annoying because it was hard to tell sometimes which one was speaking and I had to think about it for a second. I think Ally Condie could have done a better job and making Ky's voice apparent and different to Cassia's because if that had been better this book would have been amazing. I did really enjoy it but I think like most sequels I prefer the first book and this was a little bit of a let down for me. I loved that you got to see more of the world because in Matched the rest of the world outside of Oria isn't really explained. but this time there were side characters from different provinces which really helped the understanding of the whole world.You see the Outer Provinces with both Ky and Cassia's point of view which was interesting as it is all new for Cassia and it's home and full of bad memories for Ky. Xander also intrigued me in this book although he wasn't actually there all that much a lot of secrets about him were revealed that made me question his character all together. I loved that there were new side characters although some of them I was weary of (INDIE!!). Indie is with Cassia as she tries to find Ky and has tried to find the Rising which is the rebellion. Eli and Vick travel with Ky, you learn about Vick's love with an anomaly and Eli is young and sweet and has seen a lot more than he should have had to. Cassia is really shocked by things in this book because I think if Ky hadn't come along she never would have any interest in a rebellion. She would have done what the society wanted so she comes to terms with the choice she has really made for herself while running from the society. There were a lot of things that I didn't get and questions I wanted answered that didn't get answered in this book. They kept talking about a warming event before the society and they all just said it in passing and didn't explain it like Hunter said 'they're trying to avoid another warming event' and everyone apart from any reader just knew what that meant and so it wasn't explained which kind of bummed me out. I did like all the sweet parts with Cassia and Ky and learning more about Ky's childhood and his father because in the first book even with all the pictures he gave Cassia I was never really sure of anything other than the fact that his parents died and he lived in the outer provinces so his drawings kind of sucked as an information giving device. I really hope all these questions are answered in the last book which I am going to read but I will not be happy if they are left blank... that will annoy me. so yeah... video review to come once I've recorded and edited it. Will be linked below!.


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