Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Book Review; Pretties

Hey Guys! First do you like the new banner!! I love it, It's up here ^^^. This is a review of Pretties, the second book in the uglies series. if you want to read my review of uglies the first book then click here. Here's the cover that I've got. (It doesn't match my uglies copy but ah well!) 

I actually love this cover, and how it looks next to Specials and Extras on my shelf which match :P So onto the review; (Just a quick reminder that since this book is the 2nd if you haven't read Uglies I will have to spoil it to explain this book's plot)
So this book was amazing in most ways. Half the time I spent shouting at my book because I want David back... I missed him until the end. So this book starts a few weeks after the other left off, Tally is a pretty and is trying to become a 'Crim' short for Criminals clique. She meets the leader called Zane (for the first part of his appearance I thought he was a girl named Suzanne who just shortened her name :P) She doesn't remember her life in the smoke or really much of what happened in the first book but she goes on a search to 'get bubbly' which basically is when you escape being pretty-minded and feel like an ugly again. She finds the note she wrote to herself in the end of the last book and things start be get clearer for her about the smoke as she tries to get her memories back and escape the grasps of the specials.
I loved Zane... at some points. I liked that their relationship was quite homey and comfortable and stuff but I hated them a little too because they aren't real, their relationship was as the pretties would say Bogus. They only really became something when Tally had something to offer Zane and I don't think they would have gotten together if it wasn't for the thing she had to offer. 
I think most people didn't like Tally in the first book but I liked her in the other book and I hated her for most of this book. The pretty slang was annoying, when they were all saying things were pretty-making and bogus and they were all off to get new 'Surge' all the bloody time. The surge really interested me, they got flash tattoos that moved to the beat of their hearts and Shay got eye jewels that tell the time. Which was creepy but it seems to me that people in our time would do all that if the opportunity arouse. 
I know last time I said I liked Shay but my opinon has changed, I really really dislike shay. and their names for each other Tally-Wa and Shay-La eugh!! but the book was infuriating but amazing. I was so sad at the ending although I saw it coming because of the title of the books.. If you don't see it coming think about it more. 
The only thing I really hated about this book was that David was gone like all the time, until right at the end. and I love David. I ship David and Tally until the end of my days!! but I loved how Scott Westerfeld did this. For one I liked that we got almost a whole book of Tally and David and almost a whole book of Tally and Zane, I think it makes it easier to make a choice on who you like better when it's not a love triangle all the time. and I choose David. Also Westerfeld made you think so many times that David was there and it turned out to be someone else. Then when it was David I had lost faith and didn't think it was him. But he's still lovely and my favorite character!!


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  1. I skipped a little quick through it as I haven't read Uglies yet, but heard that one is pretty good