Friday, 19 July 2013

Book Review; Life in Outer Space

So I recently joined NetGalley which is a service where publishers offer reviewers free ebooks in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book I have read from it. and I must say that I was a little sceptical about what the quality of these books would be. but I really shouldn't have been and I can tell that I started with the right one to boost my confidence about them. This book is by Melissa Keil and here's the cover!

I love that cover, if only I had it on my bookshelf! This book is the debut YA novel of  Melissa Keil and It is amazing. It follows a movie geek called Sam and is set in Australia (Wahoo for British spelling ) he and his friends are the lowest in the school and give in to the A-group's authority which leaves them avoiding the dinner hall and eating in the IT office and lunch. When Camilla starts at the school her father's minor celebrity attracts the A-group, so Sam wants nothing to do with her. But she worms her way into his life with world of Warcraft and 80s movies. I loved Sam's narration so much, I think that made this book what it is. He's such a sweet guy, and he's hilariously funny through the whole thing, some of his remarks about things had me laughing out loud, for example 'Has anyone ever made a movie about homework? Probably. I bet it was in French.' He's an aspiring screenwriter and for me as a teen writer when he was saying about having bad ideas and unfinished works I completely relate to him. Camilla is described as being anti demon (or something like that) by Sam as as soon as she decides that she wants Sam and his friends to be her friends suddenly they are not the bottom of the school's barrel anymore. I loved Camilla and Sam!! I love that even though it's a YA book and that makes it seem like all cutesy (Take Eleanor and Park for example) Sam and Camilla spend the whole book almost getting to it but annoying me at the last minute by not getting together... and that four word line... if you've read this you might understand. I seriously sat squeeking at my kindle for ten minutes and refusing to read anymore for twenty minutes. I hated Sam for that. Both Camilla and Sam and the other three main characters are very realistically flawed and I love that none of them are perfect they all have their own problems and it all comes out in the end. Sam's realisation of his love for Camilla was the funniest part because it's so so so obvious to everyone apart from him and Camilla. but he's so shocked that he likes her and he doesn't actually like the idea of liking her. Their friendship is the cutest especially when she's sick... I love that bit!! They bounce off each other and annoy each other. Like Sam doesn't like being called Sammy (So much that it's mentioned in the first chapter) and Camilla hates because called Millie so to annoy each other they adopt talking to each other using these names. GOD I just love this book so so so so much!!  I finished this so quickly I started it thusday night and finished it at half one last night which was good for me as I was out all day too. but I couldn't put it down! I felt like if I left Sam alone for too long that he'd do something he'd regret or I'd miss his move with Camilla :P I love when books makes me feel like I'm there and with this one I really did. I didn't feel like I was Sam. I felt like I was like Allison or Mike or Adrian. Shouting advice at him and begging him to kiss Camilla. 
 I will be posting a video review that I am going to record right now!! It will be linked below once it's up! 

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