Friday, 12 July 2013

Book Review; Eleanor and Park...

.... That's all I can start with. Because my mind's all foggy right now because of this book. I think I found a new favorite book... Here's the cover that I have.

This book is the sweetest book ever. I've heard such amazing things about it that I didn't think It could possibly live up to it. but it did. When you read this as long as you've had your first love you can't help but think about it and wish it was as amazing as Eleanor and Park.. I want to be Eleanor.
Basically I should describe the outline. Eleanor is the new girl at school, she's chubby and dresses weird and has the reddest hair you've ever seen. Park keeps himself to himself. He sits at the back of the bus and ignores everyone while he listens to his walkman. Until Eleanor gets on the bus and no one wants to sit with her, Park gets annoyed and tells her to sit next to him although he's much less than happy about it. They don't speak on the bus at first but Eleanor reads his comics over his shoulder when we doesn't notice (talk about a cute way to start.) so when he realises he starts bringing them for her to borrow so she doesn't have to read over his shoulder on the bus. Isn't he the cutest.. I love Park. I loved that this book was from both points of view and that there wasn't any of the stuff I don't want to read about in YA books. It was sweet when they did do stuff like that and not much detail was gone into about it. I didn't expect the ending at all!! I hated it!! I won't spoil it more than saying I cried my eyes out. Park is just so chivalrous when it comes to people bulling Eleanor which I love. But then he wasn't shown to be perfect, he had his flaws that became apparent but they were worked through. They were both the most real and normal and flawed characters I have ever read about and I felt myself rooting for them the whole way through because I got so emotionally invested in the two of them that I couldn't help but swoon and cry all the way through. Also the way Park's parents are is exactly how I want to be with my husband when I'm a parent. They're adorable and they really shape Park's outlook on love in general just as Eleanor's parents shape her outlook. I love that Rainbow Rowell played with their ethnicites and their characterization was amazing, I could picture these characters completely in my head and all the places they were and what they were doing. It was just so clear! Plus I finished this book really quickly, like as soon as I read the first chapter I didn't want to not read it anymore. I even read it while Harry watched Doctor who and since I love Doctor who that tells you how much I love this book! Definitely going to be a re-read in the future and I'm so glad I picked this book up! Everyone needs this book in their life!

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